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Customer Success Stories

In an age when continuous network connectivity is expected, the companies responsible for the networking products and services recognize that their devices must work at all times. The reliability of their products — whether chipsets, routers, software or the complete network — is the key to their success.

The best companies are committed to delivering a high level of quality because they realize if their products are unreliable, customers will turn to someone else.

CDRouter has become the CPE industry’s most valued testing software for companies committed to quality. Installed worldwide, CDRouter has become the functionality test of choice for more than 200 companies along the networking supply chain.

To illustrate how different companies are ensuring the dependability of their products, QA Cafe is proud to offer the following customer success stories.

Eltek Technologies

Eltek Technologies

“Honestly, we’d need a huge team of (expensive) experts to cover all the knowledge that is covered by all the test cases present in CDRouter.”

Eltek Technologies Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Broadband Access CPE and home networking products. Their products cover a wide spectrum including xDSL, Fiber, Cable, LTE/3G/CDMA gateways and Wi-Fi, specifically targeted towards enabling Internet Service Providers to offer high quality services to their customers.

It is Eltek’s consistent testing and iterative improvement, particularly when dealing with the IPv6/IPv4 concurrent networks many providers are using, that sets it apart in the complex and demanding world of service provider networks. CDRouter’s easy to use system, comprehensive automation and expertise, and world class support has given them the confidence that they are a cut above the rest.

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“CDRouter perfectly filled the gap in our need for compliance, regression and interoperability testing – which should be at the core of any serious internet service provider.”

Altibox is the largest fiber broadband service provider in Norway. For six consecutive years, they have been named with the most satisfied broadband and IPTV customers.

That sort of best-in-class product quality requires series amounts of testing. Altibox uses CDRouter to gain a new level of confidence and freed up significant time to focus on integration and third party compatibility.

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“We use it regularly to test CPEs from third party vendors and new firmware deployed to existing CPE… Being able to do all that unattended, fully automated, and overnight is key.”

NetCologne is one of the major regional broadband service providers in Germany, giving high quality broadband services to homes, businesses, and developers of multi-unit dwellings. Serving the Cologne, Bonn, and Aachen regions of the country, NetCologne delivers phone, data, mobile, TV, and businesses level voice services to more than 500,000 subscribers.

Those subscribers demand services that “just work”. For many service providers, testing third party CPE to make sure that the end devices work right the first time is a major undertaking. NetCologne uses CDRouter to make their testing process detailed, comprehensive, and fast.

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Cisco Linksys

“CDRouter has significantly reduced our test time, and that means we can do more testing, more often.”

Everyone knows of Cisco Systems, Inc. and their Linksys home router family. Particularly for deploying IPv6, the breadth of CDRouter testing has been a boon to the Linksys project team. Coupled with CDRouter’s easy to use interface, Linksys has been able to get to the fine details of their testing and resolve issues even faster.

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“Comparing QA Cafe CDRouter support to other support departments … I can honestly say that QA Cafe performs the best.”

Technicolor is a world leader in nearly all areas of the digital home and broadband business markets. Their Service Gateways for both residential and business applications are used by some of the biggest Internet Service Providers all over the world. Such a fully featured gateway requires a lot of testing to make sure that the breadth of protocols supported. Technicolor wanted a robust, reliable, and straightforward test solution that they found with CDRouter.

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