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CDRouter 10.2 – Connection sharing for cloud enabled devices, multicast performance, MAP-T and more.

Date posted: November 28, 2016

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CDRouter 10.2 is here! This release revolutionizes the way that CDRouter tests today’s connected devices and adds great new automation and logging features.

Using connection sharing for cloud-enabled devices

CDRouter 10.2 introduces a new test architecture within CDRouter that allows devices to be connected to outside resources while still operating in CDRouter’s closed loop test setup. Dubbed CDRouter ICS (for Internet Connection Sharing), this setup routes test traffic and network traffic separately, giving access to cloud management systems, startup resources, or real-time applications. This is a must-have for managed consumer Wifi or Mesh vendors.

Multicast performance

The CDRouter Performance add-on now supports four new test cases for performance testing over a multicast network. This includes both IPv4 and IPv6 multicast testing for WAN to LAN and LAN to LAN to prove your device can handle high-bandwidth multicast services like video streaming.

Custom test lists for package creation

You can now pick a previously run package and assign it as a “test list”. You can then use this test list when generating new packages as if it were a CDRouter test module; letting you replicate the testing you do most often and organize your testing in a way that’s best for you.

MAP-T Support and More!

You’ve asked, and we’ve added support for MAP-T. All this, plus new logging filters, new test cases, and more are available in CDRouter 10.2.