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Product Family

QA Cafe’s flagship product, CDRouter, is comprised of our core platform and a number of available add-on modules. CDRouter and its add-ons can build out your test capability to thousands of test cases covering hundreds of protocols.


CDRouter is the industry standard testing platform for consumer and business broadband CPE. Fully automated and customizable, CDRouter provides the confidence and clarity you need with today’s advanced devices.

CDRouter contains thousands of test cases that perform rigorous, comprehensive protocol and functional testing of your consumer and business routers, gateways, and other CPE products.

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CDRouter Live

CDRouter Live uses CDRouter’s powerful tools to drive tests in a live network, letting you test in your existing infrastructure and get real-world, end-to-end validation of your devices and network services working together. Test against your own or your customers’ DNS, NTP, or WAN connections, test devices with unique infrastructure requirements like LTE, and fully test the functionality of networks moving increasingly toward NFV and virtual CPE.

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CDRouter Multiport

The CDRouter Multiport module lets you test devices with complex network setups or applications that require multiple WAN or LAN ports to be active during testing. Multiport allows CDRouter test setups for devices with more than one physical or logical WAN port, such as those requiring separate management and data connections, or those supporting multi-service connections requiring QoS.

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CDRouter TR-069

CDRouter is the official test platform for the Broadband Forum BBF.069 Certification program. The CDRouter TR-069 module transforms your CDRouter platform into a fully scriptable ACS emulator to test device implementations of the Broadband Forum popular TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP). Whether you are an ISP, OEM, chipset, or TR-069 stack vendor, CDRouter TR-069 can ensure that your devices communicate and correctly manage data models, whether they are gateways, routers, or end devices such as STBs, VoIP endpoints, or NAS.

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CDRouter IPv6

Are you making the transition to IPv6? Are your customers demanding dual-stack functionality in your CPE products? CDRouter is IPv6 capable with the CDRouter IPv6 test module, letting you gain access to all of the WAN-side and LAN-side network elements necessary to simulate a complete IPv6 test environment within a single test platform.

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CDRouter IKE

For security gateways that support VPN and IPSEC tunnelling, the CDRouter IKE module allows CDRouter to simulate hosts connecting through these IKE based features to ensure that your device’s VPN connections are secure and robust. CDRouter IKE can also be combined with CDRouter’s application tests from other modules to allow application traffic to run over VPN connections.

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CDRouter Storage

The CDRouter Storage module provides test coverage for both stand-alone NAS (network attached storage) devices and NAS functionality that is built into your home gateway or other CPE. With support for file system and transfer protocols such as SMB/CIFS, FTP, and FTPS, CDRouter Storage can quickly verify the functionality and behavior of your device’s storage capabilities, whether internally or externally.

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CDRouter Nmap

Included in CDRouter Core is the CDRouter Nmap module, which combines CDRouter’s expansive test and automation functionality with Nmap, the industry’s leading network exploration and security auditing tool. With automatic scanning across all WAN and LAN configurations, you can find out how your CPE device will appear on live networks scanned with Nmap. CDRouter Nmap is critical for ensuring the security of home and business gateways, routers, and other CPE.

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For business class CPE that contain SNMP agents, CDRouter SNMP gives you a fully automated and scriptable SNMP NMS simulator to test the conformance and functionality of SNMP on your device. You can import your own MIBs or test to the industry standard MIBs, and test on both the WAN and the LAN. In addition, CDRouter SNMP includes a complete set of test cases that exercise all SNMP PDUs and some of the most common statistics parameters found in broadband CPE.

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CDRouter Performance

CDRouter Performance combines the powerful and standardized functionality testing of CDRouter with the ability to run stateful, line-rate traffic through your device under test. This lets you prove that device functions don’t impact network performance, that QoS policies set up on the device perform properly, and that a device’s performance does not degrade over time. This is a brave new world for CPE testing.

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CloudShark is a capture management system designed to work with CDRouter, letting you view and analyze captures anywhere, on any device. In addition, CloudShark adds advanced annotation and collaboration tools, lets you decrypt SSL data without giving out private keys, and acts as a central, searchable repository for all of your CDRouter capture files.

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Product Updates

  • CDRouter 9.3 – Performance, real-world TR-069 validation, and more

    We’re happy to announce our latest CDRouter Release: CDRouter 9.3! You can read the full release notes here. What’s New? Introducing CDRouter Performance CDRouter 9.3 sees the release of our new add-on, CDRouter Performance, which allows you to run throughput, latency, and loss testing alongside your regular CDRouter testing. If you haven’t been to our more »

  • Introducing CDRouter Performance

    CDRouter has been the industry standard in functional broadband CPE testing for some time. Our customers have asked us – is there a way that we can do our performance testing and functional testing all in one tool? How can I see the effects of functional operations on my device’s throughput, latency, and packet loss? more »

  • CDRouter 9.2 – Multi-station Wifi and the NTA1000v4

    CDRouter’s 9.2 release expands the power of automated, functional network testing all the way into the home. With several major changes under the hood, users can now test their DUT’s ability to handle large numbers of wireless clients. All of this is easily enabled by the new NTA1000v4 hardware platform for CDRouter. Multi-station Wifi simulation more »

  • CDRouter 9.1: TR-069 XMPP Connection Requests, Data Model Validation, and WAN over Wireless

    We’re very pleased to announce that CDRouter 9.1 is here! After coming off the heels of our release of CDRouter Live, we dove deep into TR-069 and are looking toward the future to test new kinds of broadband access devices. You can read the full release notes here. Matt from CDRouter support gives us an more »

  • CDRouter 9.0: CDRouter Live, 802.11ac support, UPnP IGD:2, and more

    The next version of CDRouter is here, and is one of our most major releases to date. CDRouter 9.0 brings us into a new era of broadband device testing with CDRouter Live, provides full support for 802.11ac connections packaged with the new NTA1000, adds several new test cases for DNS and offers support for UPnP more »

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NTA1000 by QA Cafe.

  • Turn-key CDRouter solution utilizing standardized high-performance hardware
  • Pre-installed with the latest release of CDRouter
  • Full support for all CDRouter add-ons including CDRouter TR-069 and CDRouter-IPv6
  • No need to acquire additional hardware or install Linux
  • Support for a wide variety of test configurations

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CloudShark by QA Cafe.

  • Upload capture files from multiple sources
  • View capture files right in your browser
  • Perform analysis directly in your browser
  • Embed annotations inside capture file decode
  • Share links to capture files
  • Advanced searching on capture files
  • CloudShark appliance lives in your network under your control

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