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CDRouter Live

CDRouter Live uses CDRouter’s powerful tools to drive tests in a live network, letting you test in your existing infrastructure and get real-world, end-to-end validation of your devices and network services working together. Test against your own or your customers’ DNS, NTP, or WAN connections, test devices with unique infrastructure requirements like LTE, and fully test the functionality of networks moving increasingly toward NFV and virtual CPE.

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Key Features

  • Prove your devices work in a real-world, end-to-end environment
  • Test devices that require connections to LTE or other access technologies that are expensive to replicate
  • Test devices that are cloud enabled or cloud managed
  • Accomodate customer test environment and service provider needs
  • Use your existing infrastructure, making it easier to share equipment
  • Works with CDRouter add-ons including TR-069 and IPv6

What can I do with CDRouter Live?

Test SDN systems with virtual CPE

With the advent of SDN, virtual CPE may have their services deployed in many places in the network. CDRouter Live knows your device under test may be an entire system under test.

Test cloud enabled devices

Modern customer premesis equipment and home networking devices require access to the cloud for configuration and service enablement. CDRouter Live lets you test these systems in the environment they are designed to operate.

Test mobile devices over the live network

It can be difficult to test devices with unique or expensive access needs. CDRouter Live lets you test LTE, satellite, or mobile WiFi devices and hotspots over the real-world network.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your DUT LAN to CDRouter

  2. The device or system under test’s LAN connects to CDRouter’s LAN simulation port using a wired or IEEE 802.11 wireless connection, where hosts and application traffic are created.

  3. Connect your DUT WAN to the Internet

  4. Your device or system under test connects to the real-world WAN you use in your lab or in a production or customer network.

  5. Connect CDRouter Live Control to the Internet

  6. Just connect CDRouter’s control port to the Internet to run thousands of CDRouter test cases over a live network.