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Fully automated Cable Modem and eRouter testing

CDRouter simulates the network services required for a fully featured DOCSIS network, letting you test cable modems and eRouters through any CMTS. This plus new test cases that exercise configuration, routing, application, and performance metrics in a repeatable, automated environment that makes cable/MSO testing easier than ever before.

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Key Features

  • Provides a full DOCSIS provisioning environment including TFTP, DHCP, Time of Day, SNMP, TR-069, and more.
  • Dynamically create and test with multiple DOCSIS configuration files
  • Test both CM and eRouter interfaces in the same CDRouter test session
  • Test downstream and upstream performance throttling with CDRouter Performance
  • Test TR-069 provisioning through DOCSIS
  • Test SNMP provisioning through DOCSIS
  • Exercise DUT interoperability with multiple CMTS

Making cable-based broadband gateways easier to test

In our experience making CDRouter for the broadband networking world, we find it’s often difficult for users to get a consistent, easy to set up test environment to validate the functionality, scalability, and performance of their cable modems or eRouters. That’s why we added CDRouter DOCSIS: to let CDRouter do the hard work of simulating a complete DOCSIS provisioning system to make automated, repeatable deployment and regression testing that much easier.

Simulates a complete provisioning system

With the DOCSIS add-on, CDRouter is able to simulate the network services required to provision cable modems and eRouters in the way the cable industry does today.

DOCSIS configuration generation and TFTP download

Add a cable modem or eRouter configuration directly to a CDRouter test config, or store your own configuration files locally and associate them with a given test package. This gives you a traceable, repeatable test setup that allows you to run many different test scenarios per configuration so you can see what works and what doesn’t from one revision to the next.

Test configuration of TR-069 and SNMP

The DOCSIS specification allows the provisioning of TR-069 and SNMP using configuration files. When used with CDRouter’s TR-069 or SNMP add-ons, CDRouter can fully evaluate your product implementation of these protocols.

Test your CM and eRouter interfaces in the same test session

CDRouter allows you to test both the CM and eRouter interfaces during the same test session.

Full evaluation of eRouter functionality, scalability, and performance

CDRouter makes it simple to exercise the full capabilities of your cable modem or eRouter. With thousands of test cases covering routing, Wifi, security, SIP, IGMP, and other applications, you can guarantee your devices will meet the standard.

Performance testing that works with your configurations

With our performance tests you can not only measure the ability of your device to push the limits, but also ensure that throughput policy applied through a configuration is correctly implemented.

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DOCSIS test diagram
CDRouter Test Setup through a CMTS