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CDRouter by QA Cafe.Multiport

CDRouter Multiport gives you the power and flexibility to test multiple interfaces, whether on the WAN or the LAN. This makes it perfect for multi-service environments testing voice, video, and data together. In addition to expanding all of the test cases in CDRouter Core to support multiple WAN and LAN interfaces, CDRouter Multiport also contains new test modules to verify functionality specific to routers with multiple WAN and LAN ports.

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Key Features

  • Allows all applicable CDRouter tests to be run in multiple port scenarios
  • Supports up to 64 unique WAN interfaces and 64 unique LAN interfaces
  • Test TR-069 when over a separate management port
  • Test cases for WAN failover
  • RIPv1 and RIPv2 testing on multiple WAN interfaces
  • Forwarding verification covering multiple WAN ports and between multiple LAN ports
  • Inter-LAN traffic and Wireless/Wired interoperability testing
  • Test NAT with multiple WAN interfaces
  • Test separate IPv6 multicast and unicast interfaces with the IPv6 add-on

Multi-WAN and Multi-LAN test scenarios

WAN failover

CDRouter Multiport verifies failover from one WAN interface to another WAN interface when a failure condition is detected. CDRouter will verify that client traffic from the LAN such as DNS and HTTP correctly fails over to the backup WAN interface. This test module works with routers that have primary and backup WAN interface.

NAT with multiple WAN interfaces

CDRouter Multiport verifies NAT functionality when multiple WAN interfaces are active. CDRouter will verify that each WAN interface is using its correct NAT configuration and verify that NAT continues to work when traffic is arriving across different WAN interfaces.

Inter-LAN Traffic and Wireless/Wired Interoperability

CDRouter Multiport can verify multiport LAN side switches and wireless LAN to wired LAN interoperability. When multiple LAN interfaces are used, CDRouter can cycle through all of the base test cases against each LAN interface. In a single test run, CDRouter Multiport can verify that all LAN side protocols and ALGs work on both wireless and wired interfaces.

RIPv1/v2 on the WAN

The multiport RIPv1/v2 extends the coverage of the RIPv1/v2 testing to include RIPv1/v2 over multiple WAN interfaces.


The multiport forwarding test module extends forwarding verification to cover multiple WAN ports and forwarding between multiple LAN ports.

Multi-service test scenarios

Multiport allows CDRouter test setups for devices with more than one logical WAN port, such as those requiring separate management and data connections, or those supporting multi-service connections like voice and video delivery requiring specialized QoS. Read our QA Cafe university article on multiservice gateway testing here.

CDRouter test setup for multiple WAN and LAN ports


The CDRouter Multiport module supports devices that may have multiple physical WAN ports, such as systems with primary and secondary WAN ports. In addition, multiple LAN connections can be tested at the same time, mixing wireless and wired LAN connections. Test cases are included for WAN failover and inter-LAN routing.

CDRouter test setup for multiservice gateways