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CDRouter by QA CafeNmap

The CDRouter Nmap module combines CDRouter’s expansive test and automation functionality with Nmap, the industry’s leading network exploration and security auditing tool. With automatic scanning across all WAN and LAN configurations, you can find out how your CPE device will appear on live networks scanned with Nmap. CDRouter Nmap is critical for ensuring the security of home and business gateways, routers, and other CPE.

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Key Features

  • Support for TCP, UDP, and SCTP port scans, and OS detection
  • Automatic LAN and WAN side scans
  • Wireless LAN scanning
  • IPv4 or IPv6 test configurations
  • Identify WAN side security issues and verify if devices are truly stealth capable

Security Auditing for CPE Test Environments

Internet Security is a serious topic, and especially so when it merges with CPE design and testing. Residential gateways and routers are the last line of defense for the majority of public IP deployments.

CDRouter Nmap includes tests for many common scanning techniques used by malicious parties, including TCP connect, Ack, Syn, Fin, and Null scans, the XMAS scan, TCP PSH, URG, and Maimon, combination scans, as well as UDP and SCTP and OS detection scans. CDRouter Nmap can run over both IPv4 and IPv6.