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SNMP, a component of CDRouter by QA Cafe.

CDRouter by QA Cafe.SNMP

Many broadband devices in the home or business support the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for device management. The CDRouter SNMP module provides functional testing of SNMP for devices with embedded SNMP agents. CDRouter’s built-in SNMP Network Management Server (NMS) communicates with the device under test to verify common SNMP operations. When combined with other CDRouter test cases, you have a complete platform for testing the functionality of your device’s ability to be managed via SNMP.

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Key Features

  • Testing for SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3
  • Covers all standard SNMP PDU types and operations
  • Supports testing over IPv4 and IPv6 with both UDP and TCP transports
  • Built in support for industry standard MIBs
  • Import custom MIBs to match your device
  • Verify LAN/WAN interface table and packet counters
  • Run tests automatically, thousands of times, for easy regression testing
  • Develop custom SNMP test cases using API

Turn your CDRouter system into an SNMP NMS for testing

The CDRouter SNMP Network Management Server simulator works with the entire CDRouter system, and can access SNMP agents on a business gateway’s WAN or LAN. It supports all of the standard SNMP PDUs including GetRequest, SetRequest, GetNextRequest, and GetBulkRequest, as well as composite functions such as snmpwalk and snmpbulkwalk. These functions can be used when building your own test cases or pairing them with existing CDRouter tests. For example, you could use CDRouter SNMP to set routing rules on a business gateway and then use CDRouter tests to confirm that the device has correctly configured them.

In addition, CDRouter SNMP includes a batch of test cases to exercise all aspects of SNMP, as well as the most common statistics from standard MIBs associated with broadband gateways. This includes negative test cases to ensure the security of your SNMP implementation and avoid common pitfalls.

SNMP Network Management simulation in CDRouter