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Storage, a component of CDRouter by QA Café.

CDRouter by QA Café.Storage

The CDRouter Storage module provides test coverage for both stand-alone NAS (network attached storage) devices and NAS functionality that is built into your home gateway or other CPE. With support for file system and transfer protocols such as SMB/CIFS, FTP, and FTPS, CDRouter Storage can quickly verify the functionality and behavior of your device’s storage capabilities, whether internally or externally.

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Key Features

  • Verification of NAS over both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Verification of both LAN and WAN access to storage
  • Support for wired or wireless NAS
  • Test server resolution using mDNS, DNS or NetBIOS
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Available as a stand-alone test platform for non-gateway based NAS

Unique Challenges of Network Attached or Home Network Based Storage

Storage performance test tools typically target the enterprise and cloud data center. These types of tools are generally too expensive and complex for the residential NAS testing space. Storage performance test tools usually have high speed interfaces such as 10GE that clearly target the enterprise network, not the residential network. At the same time, they may lack interfaces such as 802.11 wireless that play a large role residential networks.

CDRouter Storage combines storage protocol testing with router testing to make sure the entire system works as expected. This supports devices that contain integrated NAS storage as well as standalone NAS devices that target the residential environment. Both devices need to be tested with all the protocols involved in a CPE network. In a residential environment, storage protocols have interactions with firewalls, NAT, UPnP, DNS, and NetBIOS. These protocols may need testing from both the LAN and WAN sides of the network. Combining these options with IPv6, IPv4, wired, and wireless interfaces produces a high number of testing scenarios very quickly.

CDRouter Storage offers several test modules that target specific NAS protocols such as SMB, FTP, or FTPS. Within each test module, individual test cases verify functional behaviors specific to the protocol. These storage test modules can be combined with other router specific test cases to build interesting and realistic test runs.