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“We spent the time saved by CDRouter on extending the other tests we have by ten fold, which means even greater level of confidence.” – Altibox

CDRouter’s web-based test management system puts you in control of your testing, devices, and results. And, with our API and custom test scripting capability, you can create the environment you need to get the results you want.

  • Run testing 24/7 from anywhere, right in your browser.
  • Tag, search, and organize your configurations and results for easier regression testing.
  • Give control to individual test engineers
  • Create reports and share results with management or customers
  • Integrates easily with existing test tools through CLI commands and our extensive web API
  • Get started in minutes with our turn-key hardware

A complete automated test environment


With all the tools you need, right in your browser


When you log in, see everything that’s going on at a glance for yourself or your team.

Live Results

Watch your tests in real time, stop, pause, and view logs.


Generate a detailed report of results and notes for your management or colleagues.

Config Manager

Manage your test variables and the network settings you want CDRouter to emulate to ensure repeatable testing.

Log Viewer

See your tests execute in real time, and mark or annotate key points for easy analysis.

View Captures

View captures right in your browser or upload them to your CloudShark appliance.

Get started in minutes with our turn-key hardware

The NTA1000 is a pre-configured high performance network test appliance optimized for CDRouter. The NTA1000 comes installed with the latest version of CDRouter and contains all of the hardware and software you need to run CDRouter out of the box and get started in minutes.

The NTA1000