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For Home and Business Gateway/Router Vendors

QA Cafe CDRouter is used by hundreds of design engineers and product managers of CPE gateways as the industry standard for proving protocol interoperability and performing regression testing. CDRouter’s fully automated test platform lets you simulate a real network on both the WAN and the LAN, ensuring your devices are ready for showtime.

Testing Gateways for Any Network

  • Test routers with multiple WAN interfaces
  • Works on routers with Ethernet, DSL, PON, DOCSIS, or LTE WAN
  • Test multiple Ethernet or WiFi LAN interfaces
  • PPPoE, PPPoA, DHCP, PPTP, L2TP, PPP/T1, and static IP WAN modes
  • Perform testing of gateways in bridge mode
  • Test WEP, WPA/WPA2-Personal, and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise wireless security
  • Test 802.1x/EAPOL with integrated RADIUS server
  • Test 802.1q VLANS on the LAN and WAN
  • IPv6, IPv4, tunneled or dual-stack router testing
  • Comprehensive TR-069 testing for the internet gateway

For Home Automation and Consumer Electronics Vendors


CDRouter’s comprehensive test cases cover a wide variety of protocols and applications that can be used to exercise nearly any device with a network connection, including set top boxes, VoIP devices, Network Attached Storage, and Smart TVs. If your devices connect to a network, they can be tested with CDRouter.

Comprehensive Protocol and Application Testing

  • Full test suites covering all aspects of both IPv4 and IPv6 based devices
  • TR-069 testing that covers any device
  • Application testing for UPnP, Xbox Live, SIP ALG, and Dynamic DNS
  • Testing for built-in or standalone Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality

For Service Providers and MSOs

CDRouter in a service provider or MSO lab environment allows new devices and new firmware to be tested quickly and accurately before it’s deployed in the field. In addition, service providers can demand their vendors test with CDRouter for ensured quality, and those vendors can pass on CDRouter reports to meet RFP or integration requirements.

Fully Automated and Customizable

  • Perform testing 24 hours a day, and control and analyze remotely using CDRouter’s advanced web interface
  • CDRouter’s CLI allows for easy integration into other testing scripts and environments
  • CDRouter test scripts can be customized to match your exact protocol testing or deployment needs
  • Re-create field issues or perform regression testing before deployment

For VoIP Providers

Just as CDRouter can help service providers troubleshoot devices before deploying them in the field, QA Cafe CloudShark is the VoIP provider’s answer to collaborating on call issues at the packet level. Any network capture tool can be used to send captures to CloudShark, where they can be analyzed and shared easily with the rest of the support team or with customers. Similar to Wireshark, CloudShark works in a browser so it can be used anywhere, on any device. Complete with RTP playback of audio streams.

For Enterprise and Government IT

Most of us who deal directly with packet capture files know they can be large, deeply detailed, and come from multiple locations. Moreover, copies upon copies often end up on file stores, personal workstations, and thumb drives – a dangerous practice when they can contain sensitive customer, government, or company data.

QA Cafe CloudShark is the world’s first capture management platform. You can upload captures from nearly any existing capture tool and put them in one secure location under your control. CloudShark’s powerful indexing and tagging features let you organize and search all of your network traces. No matter how you work with capture files, Cloudshark is revolutionizing the way that service providers, financial and medical firms, enterprises, SaaS providers, governments, universities, and their IT teams collaborate with themselves and their customers on network issues.