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Testing Guides

CDRouter test setups (closed, shared, and live)

CDRouter has three main test setups to test any kind of connected device. Closed Loop The most basic is our closed loop setup. In this case the DUT’s WAN and/or LAN are connected directly to CDRouter, and all test traffic is contained in a controlled environment. CDRouter simulates a service provider’s WAN network connection, Internet more »

Testing SIP Aware Routers

Testing SIP aware CPE routers is a critical part of an over-all Voice over IP test strategy. CDRouter is perfect for testing SIP aware routers using a real world test setup. Using the CDRouter SIP test module, network and QA engineers can quickly verify the behavior of a SIP aware device and avoid costly interoperability more »

What should you test in Wifi mesh enabled routers?

Of all of the things about broadband service that is most keenly felt by the end user, it’s the quality of their Wifi networks. Wifi is unique in that it is a complex networking system that users are aware of, and make purchasing decisions for consumer electronics and for broadband service around it. Realizing this, more »

Testing Wifi Guest Mode

One of the most common use cases for Wifi is the ability to set up a guest network alongside another network that is used by the home user, business, or other organization. It’s also a source of a lot of problems: guaranteeing that the Wifi router or AP can handle the number of clients connecting; more »

Using CDRouter in an FTTdp Deployment with

There has been a lot of news at this year’s Broadband World Forum surrounding new broadband access topologies that are making it easier for service providers to provide fiber quality broadband services without running fiber all the way to the home. One of these topologies is referred to as “Fiber to the Drop Point (FTTP)”, more »

DOCSIS Cable Gateway Testing in a Shared Lab Enviroment

With the addition of a suitable Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS), CDRouter’s capabilities can also be extended to support testing of DOCSIS-based cable gateway devices which integrate both cable modem and CPE router functionality into a single system. With the DOCSIS add-on, CDRouter is perfectly suited for testing and verifying the higher layer network functionality more »

Port Scanning Test Configuration for IPv4 and IPv6

CDRouter includes port scanning test cases in the firewall.tcl module which will probe the WAN interface of the DUT for open TCP and UDP ports over IPv4. These open ports provide services either by the DUT or forwarded to internal LAN clients. Users of the CDRouter IPv6 add-on will find they can also perform similar more »