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Testing Guides

Testing Residential IPv6 with CDRouter

Early testing with CDRouter against commercially available CPE revealed that these initial IPv6 capable devices have a variety of functional flaws. In some cases, these flaws prevent IPv6 from working. Here’s some of our initial findings testing publicly available IPv6 devices and the benefits of using CDRouter IPv6 in the test process. While IPv6 has more »

Exploring scaling tests – Is your home gateway IoT ready?

By now we’ve all heard of the coming flood of network aware devices collectively referred to as the “Internet of Things”. While the term encompasses a wide variety of use cases that are not all clearly defined, we can come up with some rudimentary expectations on how this influx of connections will affect networks. For more »

Prefix Exclude Option for DHCPv6-based Prefix Delegation

RFC 6603 (Prefix Exclude Option for DHCPv6-based Prefix Delegation) introduced a new DHCPv6 option OPTION_PD_EXCLUDE to allow exclusion of one specific prefix from a delegated prefix set when using DHCPv6-based prefix delegation. RFC 6603 Section 1 states: The prefix exclusion mechanism is targeted at deployments where DHCPv6-based prefix delegation is used, but a single aggregated more »

Testing 6to4 and 6rd IPv6 Islands with CDRouter

The world has spent a long time on the road to native IPv6. Fortunately, protocol advancements have mitigated the arduous task of deploying the next generation Internet. Essentially the software counterpart to the last-mile problem, deploying IPv6 to the CPE is “the last 90%” of the work. The core Service Provider networks have always been more »

Testing IPv6 over PPPoE and PPPoA with CDRouter

The IPv6 Over PPPoE Model There are two distinct phases required to establish a successful IPv6 connection over a PPPoE tunnel. The first phase involves establishment of the point-to-point link. The second phase deals with IPv6 addressing. In the IPv4 world, IP addresses are typically negotiated between the client and server using various IP Control more »

Testing dual-stack lite (DS-Lite) B4 CPE devices

CDRouter makes it easy to test dual-stack lite B4 CPE implementations on a functional level, and when combined with the many LAN modes of operation available, can help identify issues that are not visible by iterative conformance testing. Many IPv6 transition strategies have been provided. Some, such as 6to4, have been available to end users more »