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Navigating the world of CPE devices

If you are a vendor, provider, or user of home and business broadband CPE, you know that they are becoming increasingly complex and powerful devices. CPE operate in a world of hundreds of different protocols and topologies that are specific to each deployment.

Here you will find our knowledge base of information related to this interesting and challenging world of CPE devices.



QA Cafe conducts regular webinars on both the basics of CPE protocols and how to test them in CDRouter.

Testing Wifi Mesh/Extender Systems in CDRouter

Miss this webinar? Watch the video here: Many companies are building Wifi products that specifically target the consumer rather than relying on the provider to deploy Wifi service, using Wifi mesh technology to deploy quality, reliable Wifi throughout the user’s home or business. How can you test such systems? Join the CDRouter team as we more »

SNMP Scenario Testing

CDRouter 10.1 adds the ability to build custom “scenario” tests to exercise the behavior of a DUT’s SNMP stack and MIB. Similar to our TR-069 scenarios test cases, this allows you to set up tests that perform SNMP get requests, set requests, etc. on MIB objects specific to your DUT to see if the correct more »

CDRouter 10 Basics

Have you just started using CDRouter as a new customer or demo user, or want to know some immediate tips and tricks you can use to get testing quickly? Join our CDRouter support team as they show you the basics specific to CDRouter 10: How to create an initial test configuration How to create a more »


Our training guides give you an overview of how to correctly implement and test the common protocols used in today’s CPE devices.

TR-069 Training Series

Other training topics

9 Most Common Router Bugs
Tags: Business Gateway, DHCP, Home Router, UPnP

QA Cafe has been testing CPE routers since 2002 trying to test as many routers as we can find. During this time we have learned that the quality level of home and business routers/gateways on the market varies considerably. The following are some of the common problems that are exposed by testing with the CDRouter more »

Known Gateway Bugs – Ignoring Credentials

Holes in home gateway security allow for a malicious hacker to take over a gateway in the way they would any other computer system. While the holes in most cases have been complex and deep seated bugs that would be hard to find without a lot of work, there are some easy to find bugs more »

DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation in Edge Routers
Tags: Business Gateway, DHCP, DHCPv6, DOCSIS, Home Router, IPv6, Service Provider Networks

In the course of developing the test suite for DHCPv6 prefix delegation, QA Cafe encountered a number of implementation issues that impact the functionality of IPv6 connectivity. Some of these potential implementation issues are discussed below. Learn more about CDRouter IPv6 Implementation Issues with IPv6 Prefix Delegation in DHCP Now that IPv6 is moving out more »

Testing Guides

Our testing guides give you an in-depth look at how to setup and configure your test environment and configure CDRouter to test complex deployment scenarios.

How do I get a device TR-069 Certified?
Tags: BBF.069, Business Gateway, Home Router, Service Provider Networks, TR-069

Is your device TR-069 certified? CDRouter is the official test platform of the

Test setup for a dual-stack router providing IPv6 connectivity via native DHCPv6 on the WAN
Tags: Business Gateway, DHCPv6, Home Router, IPv6

Dual-stack broadband home routers either enable IPv6 connectivity via native IPv6 connections on the WAN. If in a transition environment, tunneling protocols are used that transmit encapsulated IPv6 packets over the IPv4 WAN. Protocols such as DHCPv6 (with and without prefix delegation), PPPoE (running DHCPv6 or autoconf for address resolution), autoconf, or static IPv6 addressing more »

Testing a Wifi Range Extender or Mesh
Tags: Repeater, Scalability, Wifi, Wifi Mesh

Watch our webinar on testing these devices in CDRouter here: Devices that enhance consumer Wifi are becoming more and more prevalent, both off the shelf and deployed by service providers. A Wifi booster or Wifi range extender is sometimes a simple repeater, but more often they act as layer 2 bridges, and can still be more »