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Navigating the world of CPE devices

If you are a vendor, provider, or user of home and business broadband CPE, you know that they are becoming increasingly complex and powerful devices. CPE operate in a world of hundreds of different protocols and topologies that are specific to each deployment.

QA Cafe University is our knowledge base of information related to this interesting and challenging world of CPE devices.

What will you find at QA Cafe University?



QA Cafe conducts regular webinars on both the basics of CPE protocols and how to test them in CDRouter.

TR-069 Scenario Testing in CDRouter (Video)
Tags: Home Router, TR-069

If you missed our webinar on the TR-069 Scenario Testing feature in CDRouter, we’ve reproduced a video here. CDRouter’s TR-069 add-on turns CDRouter into a scriptable ACS simulator with test cases for protocol functionality. CDRouter’s TR-069 Scenario tests give you a set of tools that let you build your own rudimentary TR-069 tests to align more »

Testing TR-069 with CDRouter (Video)

If you missed our QA Cafe University Webinar on testing TR-069 with CDRouter, we’ve made a condensed version that you can view here! We will have more webinars like this going into detail on all of the most common test scenarios in CDRouter, so stay tuned! You can learn everything there is to know about more »

CDRouter for New Users (Video)

We recently held the first of a series of webinars for new users of CDRouter, but if you missed it, don’t worry! Here is an abridged version for you to watch at your leisure. Have you just started using CDRouter and are unsure where to start, or want to know some immediate tips and tricks more »


Our training guides give you an overview of how to correctly implement and test the common protocols used in today’s CPE devices.

How can end-to-end protocol testing prevent service calls?
Tags: Consumer Electronics, Home Router, IP Video, IPv6, Service Provider Networks, Wifi

The most well understood case for product testing is in quality assurance while a home networking product is in development, or testing its integrity between firmware revisions. But testing before, during, and after deployment can also ensure that service providers reduce costly support calls and truck rolls. We asked some of our customers, some in more »

Who is CDRouter Support (Video)
Tags: CDRouter, support

We had a chance to sit down with Brad Ritchie, head of our CDRouter Support team. He tells us about working with networking and why he enjoys working with CDRouter to improve QA Cafe customers’ broadband products.

Bug of the Month – Ignoring Credentials

There have been several recent news articles about holes in home gateway security, allowing for a malicious hacker to take over a gateway in the way they would any other computer system. While the holes in these cases have been complex and deep seated bugs that would be hard to find without a lot of more »

Testing Guides

Our testing guides give you an in-depth look at how to setup and configure your test environment and configure CDRouter to test complex deployment scenarios.

The New NTA1000v3 platform for CDRouter (Video)
Tags: 802.11ac, CDRouter, Wifi, Wireless

Improving our high performance hardware platform custom made for CDRouter We’ve recently revamped our NTA1000 platform to support 802.11ac wireless connections and added a more robust hard disk system with an SSD for the operating system and CDRouter’s core software, and a 4TB hard disk for storage. Bill Armstrong from QA Cafe Quality Assurance shows more »

How to test LTE gateways and hotspots in the lab (video)

CDRouter can easily be used in a test setup for LTE gateways or handsets in hotspot mode. But what sort of equipment is needed? Matt shows us how the QA Cafe lab is set up to perform this testing in CDRouter:

CloudShark Uploads in OpenWrt – Perform a Capture, Upload to CloudShark
Tags: CloudShark, Home Router, OpenWrt

Those in the CPE world are probably very familiar with OpenWrt, an open source linux implementation for embedded devices, including home gateways or wireless routers. OpenWrt is popular and extensible, with over 3000 available packages. Recently, an Opernwrt package was developed that adds QA Cafe CloudShark capture and upload capability. The new package supports packet more »