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Navigating the world of CPE devices

If you are a vendor, provider, or user of home and business broadband CPE, you know that they are becoming increasingly complex and powerful devices. CPE operate in a world of hundreds of different protocols and topologies that are specific to each deployment.

QA Cafe University is our knowledge base of information related to this interesting and challenging world of CPE devices.

What will you find at QA Cafe University?



QA Cafe conducts regular webinars on both the basics of CPE protocols and how to test them in CDRouter.

Webinar: CDRouter Basics

Have you just started using CDRouter as a new customer or demo user, or want to know some immediate tips and tricks you can use to get testing quickly? Register for the webinar Join our CDRouter support team as they show you: - How to create an initial test configuration - How to create a more »

Top 10 CDRouter Tips and Tricks Webinar Panel
Tags: Core, Performance

Join us on Dec 8, 2015 11:00 AM EST We had a great year in our CDRouter webinar series; we learned about the basics, how to test TR-069, and we got to see the launch of CDRouter Performance. To round out the year, we wanted to get our team on a panel together to discuss more »

Webinar: Validating Real TR-069 Device Configuration in CDRouter
Tags: Home Router, Service Provider Networks

Please register for Validating TR-069 Device Configuration in CDRouter on Nov 12, 2015 10:00 AM EST Register for the Webinar Testing TR-069 at the protocol level is crucial for understanding if your device is going to interoperate with an ACS and work in customer deployments. But what about the hooks in your code that tell more »


Our training guides give you an overview of how to correctly implement and test the common protocols used in today’s CPE devices.

TR-069 Training Series: Overview of a TR-069 Session
Tags: Business Gateway, Home Router, Service Provider Networks

Overview of a TR-069 Session TR-069 refers to the Technical Report published by the Broadband Forum that defines the CPE WAN Management Protocol, or CWMP. CWMP was developed to allow providers of broadband services to deploy and manage customer premises equipment in home and business networks. In the beginning, TR-069 was targeted towards the home more »

Protecting Against Vulnerabilities in SSL
Tags: Business Gateway, Core, Home Router, security, ssl

Well, it’s official, the IETF is deprecating SSL version 3.0. This means that it will no longer be standard to fall back to SSL 3.0 in protocol negotiations, and for good reason: there have been a host of vulnerabilities in Secure Socket Layer, some of which are of particular concern to home networking devices that more »

Verifying TR-069 “real world” scenarios with a native ACS
Tags: ACS, Service Provider Networks

When it comes to testing TR-069, there are three main stages: Testing that your device handles CWMP and the underlying protocols Testing that your data model objects and parameters are valid Testing that your CPE will behave as expected in production CDRouter’s automation platform can make it very easy to do all of these, and more »

Testing Guides

Our testing guides give you an in-depth look at how to setup and configure your test environment and configure CDRouter to test complex deployment scenarios.

Multi-service gateway testing with CDRouter
Tags: Business Gateway, Home Router, MSO Networks, Multiport, Service Provider Networks, triple play, VLAN

CDRouter supports testing of multi-service, or ‘triple play’, gateways beginning with release 7.3. This article shows you how to set up a multiservice gateway test environment with CDRouter. Multi-service gateways are typically configured with two or more independent, logical WAN connections, or channels, for different services, such as voice, video, and data. These service channels more »

IP Multicast Testing with CDRouter
Tags: Consumer Electronics, Home Router, IGMP, IGMP Snooping, Multicast, STB

This guide describes the IP multicast testing features in CDRouter and the role of IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) in CPE networks. CDRouter now supports multicast testing using IGMP version 3. Although many CPE devices have support for IP multicast and IGMP, new functional requirements for set-top boxes and other IPTV multicast applications are pushing more »

Understanding Performance Results
Tags: Home Router, Performance, Service Provider Networks

Since our launch of CDRouter Performance, we’ve had a lot of feedback from our users discovering new and interesting results when combining functional testing with throughput, latency, and loss testing. Having a good understanding of how performance tests work and the caveats around their results can help you determine how your functional tests are impacting more »