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Navigating the world of CPE devices

If you are a vendor, provider, or user of home and business broadband CPE, you know that they are becoming increasingly complex and powerful devices. CPE operate in a world of hundreds of different protocols and topologies that are specific to each deployment.

QA Cafe University is our knowledge base of information related to this interesting and challenging world of CPE devices.

What will you find at QA Cafe University?



QA Cafe conducts regular webinars on both the basics of CPE protocols and how to test them in CDRouter.

Webinar: CDRouter Basics

Join us on Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM EDT Register for the webinar! Have you just started using CDRouter as a new customer or demo user, or want to know some immediate tips and tricks you can use to get testing quickly? Join our CDRouter support team as they show you: - How more »

Virtual CPE and Mobile Device Testing with CDRouter Live (Video)
Tags: Live

The CDRouter test platform is the industry standard test platform for broadband CPE, used by hundreds of vendors and service providers world-wide. It’s great for DUTs in a closed-loop lab environment, but how do you test virtual CPE, cloud dependent CPE, or mobile devices with expensive infrastructure requirements? Join the QA Cafe team as we more »

End-to-End Broadband Testing With CDRouter Live (Video)
Tags: Live

The CDRouter test platform is the industry standard test platform for broadband CPE, used by hundreds of vendors and service providers world-wide. But lab testing can only go so far – find out how CDRouter Live is changing the way quality assurance works in the broadband world by allowing end-to-end functional testing in a live more »


Our training guides give you an overview of how to correctly implement and test the common protocols used in today’s CPE devices.

Using XMPP for TR-069 Connection Requests
Tags: Home Router, Service Provider Networks, TR-069, XMPP

Though one of the fundamental principles of CWMP (TR-069) is that the CPE endpoint is always the one to initiate a connection, Autoconfiguration Servers (ACS) can use the TR-069 Connection Request feature to stimulate a CPE to begin a session. This is often used when the ACS must contact the CPE immediately, such as when more »

Broadband ISP Network Testing Group on LinkedIn
Tags: Business Gateway, Home Router, Service Provider Networks

We recently started a new dicussion group on LinkedIn after discovering there is a vacuum of good discussion on functional broadband network/protocol testing, particularly around CPE and home networks. The Broadband ISP Network Testing group is for professionals from service providers, chipset and equipment vendors, standards professionals, and laboratories to discuss common issues and automation more »

Best Practices for Securing TR-069

Recently at DEFCON 22, a presentation was made to would-be white-hat hackers bringing to light Broadband Forum TR-069 for the first time to many unfamiliar with it. As one of the most largely deployed broadband management protocols in the world, TR-069 has quite a footprint, and a compromised system could potentially affect many broadband subscribers more »

Testing Guides

Our testing guides give you an in-depth look at how to setup and configure your test environment and configure CDRouter to test complex deployment scenarios.

Is your device using valid TR-069 data models?
Tags: Home Router, Service Provider Networks, TR-069

The CPE WAN Management Protocol described by Broadband Forum TR-069 is a remote procedure call (RPC) based protocol. That is, it consists of two applications that interact directly with each other through a set of defined methods – in the case of TR-069, this includes device functions like Reboot, Download, etc., as well as operations more »

Testing devices with wireless WAN connections

At QA Cafe we continuously see new consumer broadband and home network devices come into the market and into our lab. One of the newest class of devices are “travel routers” – routers that are popular with people who frequently connect to public Wifi networks or those offered by hotels, restaurants, or hospitals. These devices more »

The Misfortune Cookie and Security in the Home Gateway
Tags: Home Router, security, TR-069

Several months ago we talked about the revelations at DEFCON22 concerning web server security of systems meant to deploy TR-069 in a subscriber network. Most of the investigation done surrounded vulnerable ACS – that is, malicious attackers gaining access to the auto-configuration server, allowing them to control many hundreds of thousands of home devices. Recently, more »