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Can I use CDRouter if my router has a built in xDSL interface?

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Yes, although CDRouter does not support the termination of DSL interfaces directly. If the WAN interface on your router is DSL-based (ADSL/2/2+, VDSL/2, SDSL, SHDSL/SHDSL.bis, G.fast, etc.) as opposed to Ethernet-based, you have two main options.

  • Option 1: Use an Ethernet/IP DSLAM and connect the Ethernet uplink port of the DSLAM directly to CDRouter’s designated WAN interface. In this configuration the DSLAM must be configured to terminate the ATM connection on the DSL interface and bridge all network traffic from the DSL interface to the uplink port. This allows CDRouter to act as the primary end-point (terminating PPP sessions etc.).

  • Option 2: Use a DSLAM with an ATM uplink. CDRouter can be configured to use an ATM PVC provided you have an ATM card that is supported under Linux. In this configuration, you can also configure PPPoA on the WAN interface.

Typically Ethernet/IP-based DSLAMs are significantly less expensive than ATM-based DSLAMs. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for DSLAM recommendations: What interface cards and DSLAMs do you recommend with CDRouter?

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