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Qualify your USP/TR-369 devices and applications at the Sept 2019 plugfest

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Join us at the next plugfest!

The QA Cafe team will bring the CDRouter USP test solution to assist participants in the next Broadband Forum USP Plugfest at the UNH-IOL facility in Durham, NH, the week of September 16th, 2019. Get an exclusive opportunity to pre-qualify against the Broadband Forum TR-369 certification tests with CDRouter at this important event.

Register for the plugfest

Early registration is critical to ensuring a productive event. As the organizers get a better idea of who is attending and what their capabilities are, the Broadband Forum can tailor the test plan to the participants.

No matter where you are in your plans to implement USP, plugfests are critical to the development of your implementations. They’re also a great way to meet fellow engineers!

The User Services Platform, defined in TR-369, represents a vital evolution of TR-069 and the Device:2 data model to tackle the next generation of Wi-Fi, smart home, and other connected devices. If you’re interested in learning more about USP and how QA Cafe is leading they way in testing and interoperability, check out our USP training series too!

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