The security of connected devices has never been more important

Protect your customers, avoid brand damage, and increase quality with the simplest, most thorough way to test your devices before they are deployed.

Introducing CDRouter Security

With automatic scanning, continuous traffic monitoring, and comprehensive testing of your product's security features, you can increase quality, identify vulnerabilities, and gain customer trust reliably from one build to the next.

Key Features

Automated port scanning

With automatic port scanning across all WAN and LAN configurations, you can find out how your devices will appear on live networks scanned with Nmap, a critical step for ensuring the security of home and business gateways, routers, and other devices.

Real-time traffic alerts

Monitor your device behavior and get real-time alerts for traffic that is suspicious or goes against known deployment policy guidelines all while running your performance, feature and security testing.

Compare device behaviors vs threat signatures

Compare device behavior against tens of thousands of known Suricata-based threat signatures along with best practices curated by experts at QA Cafe using their years of experience with network devices.

Set your own policy rules

Set your own rules for custom policies and best practices to ensure that your device performs as expected - streamlining regression testing from one build to the next.

Validate security features

Prove the quality of your product’s advanced services with an ever-expanding list of security feature test cases, including parental controls and firewall testing.

Access outside networks during testing

Enhance traditional closed loop testing by providing access to the Internet or other outside networks, letting you test cloud managed devices that require connectivity.

Automate your security, feature, and regression testing now with a 30-day trial of CDRouter Security

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