Quick Upgrade

Quick Upgrade instructions

These instructions apply to customers running 3.9.x or newer. If you are upgrading from 3.8, please refer to these instructions instead.


Copy the CloudShark installer onto your system

After downloading the CloudShark Installer to your computer, use WinSCP or another utility to copy the file over to your CloudShark system. If you are using the commandline, you can use the 'scp' utility:

scp path/to/cloudshark-installer-v3.10.1.el7.run root@cloudshark-ip:/tmp/

Then connect to your CloudShark server via ssh:

ssh root@cloudshark-ip

You or your IT department will have configured the root password when the system was created.

Run the installer

Switch to the /tmp directory and run the installer:

cd /tmp
chmod u+x /tmp/cloudshark-installer-v3.10.1.el7.run
./cloudshark-installer-v3.10.1.el7.run -- --upgrade --with-threat

If you do not have the Threat Assessment add-on you may omit the additional "with-threat" argument.


That's it!

Visit your CloudShark system on port 443 and verify the footer contains the new version you are expecting to be running.

What about my license file?

Prior to CloudShark 3.9, every time you updated your software you also needed a new license file to run it. This is no longer necessary! Now, you only need to update your license file once a year when you renew your subscription or MSA.