CloudShark 1.3.0

Version 1.3 was released on October 27th, 2011

Version 1.3 Highlights

Analysis Tools

You will immediately notice that there have been some changes made to the tool-bar of the decode window. New buttons for “Analysis Tools” and “Follow Stream” have replaced the “Bandwidth Graphs” button. Don’t worry, the graphs are still there, just contained within the new Analysis Tools menu. Please see the User Guide.

v1 3 analysis tools

Follow Stream

The other button that has been added to the decode tool-bar is for Follow Stream. This is one of our new favorite features as it brings the ability to follow either TCP or UDP streams into CloudShark. Pick a packet, and click it to view the stream data as either ASCII or HEX formats.

VoIP Calls & Call Flow

Our second favorite feature in version 1.3 is the new support for VoIP calls and VoIP call-flow graphs After opening a capture file containing VoIP traffic, CloudShark will list all the voice calls, and provide a beautiful wide-screen call-flow graph that’s easy to read, print, and share

Protocol Conversations

Just like the VoIP Calls, CloudShark can now give you a list of all the conversations happening between nodes in a capture file. These are broken down by protocol. Pick from TCP, UDP, Ethernet, or IP. The easy to read table is also clickable, bringing you to the Follow-Stream view for TCP and UDP conversations.

Protocol Hierarchy Statistics

Analysis Tools now includes a break-down of your capture file by protocol.

Packet Lengths

Another useful statistic when analyzing captures is the distribution of packets by size. CloudShark’s new Packet Lengths display shows an easy to read bar-chart representing these statistics. Clicking on a bar will update your capture file display filter to show those packets only.

Summary Colorization

CloudShark can now show your capture summary highlighted using pre-defined color rules. This helps you scan through packets more quickly as you scroll, landing on exactly what’s important to you. To turn this on, click the “turn colors on” link in the header of the decode page.

Go get it!

We know that you’re going to love the new tools found in CloudShark 1.3. If you’re an existing customer, the instructions on how to download and upgrade have already been mailed out to you. If you don’t have an appliance yet, don’t wait! Go get yours today.