CloudShark 1.6.0

Release History

Release Type  Release Number  Release Date  Release Requirements 
Original  CloudShark 1.6 build 1048 October 2, 2012  CloudShark Tools 1.34
Maintenance  CloudShark 1.6 build 1065 December 13, 2012  CloudShark Tools 1.34

Original release: CloudShark 1.6 build 1048 October 2, 2012

New Features and Highlights

  • Upgraded to tshark 1.8.2

CloudShark 1.6 has been upgraded to tshark 1.8.2, which includes security updates, new protocol dissector support, and full support for pcapng comments.

  • Support for importing pcapng files with comments

Wireshark 1.8+ allows users to add packet-level annotations and file-level comments and save them as part of the meta data associated with the new pcapng file format. Starting with CloudShark 1.6, pcapng annotations and comments will be seamlessly preserved when pcapng files are imported. All pcapng packet-level annotations will be converted to CloudShark annotations where they can be easily edited and used to collaborate and aid in the analysis of the capture file.

  • Support for exporting in pcapng format with embedded CloudShark annotations

CloudShark users now have the option of exporting the original unmodified capture file, or exporting a new, modified pcapng file with all CloudShark annotations and file-level comments preserved as pcapng annotations and comments, respectively. If a new pcapng file is exported, all CloudShark annotations will be visible as packet level annotations in Wireshark 1.8+. Capture files can be exported in CloudShark by clicking on the download link in the decoder window. For more information, please see the User Guide.

  • Pinned search filters

Users can now save their favorite filters by pinning them to the side of the capture file index. Preferences are stored by user and will appear even if the user logs in from a different location.

  • Updated Wireshark plugin 1.0.2-174

A update for the Wireshark plugin has been released. Please see the Wireshark Plugin Changelog for more information.

  • Added file delete button on Info popup

Capture files can now be deleted directly from the Info pop-up by Administrators and users with the necessary privileges. This small change makes it easy to quickly delete a file if only its CloudShark URL is known.

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Updated with the latest versions of Highcharts & Highstock
  • Resolved an issue with some escape sequences being turned into HTML when running Follow-Stream
  • The way that stream indexes are calculated in tshark 1.8.x is different than in tshark 1.6.x. As a result, any saved URLs with embedded stream indexes from previous versions of CloudShark may not reference the same stream in CloudShark 1.6.


Maintenance release: CloudShark 1.6 build 1065 December 13, 2012

New Features and Highlights

  • Increased file size limits

This release increases CloudShark’s file size limit to 200 MB. In addition, files as large as 2 GB can be stored and managed in CloudShark with the new “large file support” option, which can be enabled in the Admin > Settings portion of the web interface. Large file support allows users to upload and manage files up to 2 GB in size, however only files less than 200 MB can be viewed and analyzed within CloudShark.

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Resolved a minor display issue with the follow stream analysis tool.