CloudShark 1.7.0

Release History

Release Type  Release number  Release Date  Release Requirements 
Original  CloudShark 1.7 build 1150 February 13, 2013  CloudShark Tools 1.37 

Original release: CloudShark 1.7 build 1150 February 13, 2013

New Features and Highlights

New SSL decode support

CloudShark now supports RSA key management and decryption of SSL data. This feature allows users to manage RSA keys directly within CloudShark and define SSL decryption rules using these stored keys. RSA keys and decrypted SSL traffic are subject to CloudShark’s advanced user model. As a result, users can determine exactly who has access to their files and any decrypted SSL traffic without having to share an RSA key.

The adding and assigning of keys to users is reserved for Admin users only. Once assigned, a user can apply decryption rules to captures they have access to using keys they have been granted.

Support for following SSL streams

The Follow Stream analysis tool has been updated to support SSL streams. This feature is only applicable to capture files that have valid SSL decryption rules applied.

Updated protocol hierarchy analysis tool

The Protocol Hierarchy analysis tool has been updated with links that automatically open the decode window with a display filter applied for that protocol type. This enhancement makes it very easy to see which protocols are present in the capture and quickly focus on only those particular packets.

Large file support

This release increases CloudShark’s file size limit to 200 MB. In addition, files as large as 2 GB can be stored and managed in CloudShark with the new large file support option, which can be enabled in the Admin > Settings portion of the web interface. Large file support allows users to upload and manage files up to 2 GB in size, however only files less than 200 MB can be viewed and analyzed within CloudShark.

Upgraded to tshark 1.8.5

CloudShark 1.7 has been upgraded to tshark 1.8.5, which includes security updates and new protocol dissector support.

Bug Fixes and Notes

  • Resolved display issue when graphing certain display filters that did not match any of the packets in the capture.
  • Updated the Follow Stream analysis tool to more clearly indicate when there is no data in the stream.
  • Resolved an issue with the Follow Stream analysis tool when displaying fragmented packets
  • Resolved an issue with the admin user’s activity log that would display the admin user’s password when changed from the CloudShark Users page.
  • Resolved an issue with the CloudShark Graphs tool that would display an invalid date of January 1, 1900 in relative-time mode mouseovers
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to improve performance.