CloudShark 2.2.0

Release History

Release Type  Release Number  Release Date 
Original  CloudShark 2.2 build 2127 June 5th, 2014
Maintenance Release 1 CloudShark 2.2 build 2151 June 25th, 2014 
Maintenance Release 2  CloudShark 2.2 build 2168 July 7th, 2014 
Maintenance Release 3  CloudShark 2.2 build 2176 July 11th, 2014
Maintenance Release 4  CloudShark 2.2 build 2201 August 15th, 2014 

CloudShark 2.2.2127 June 4th, 2014

CloudShark 2.2 is here and more powerful than ever!

CloudShark 2.2 brings big increases in performance, file-size support, concurrent users, and more. We’ve upgraded key components behind the scenes letting you run longer analysis, work with larger files, and deliver results to multiple users with fewer bottlenecks.

The big news: There is no more 200 MB limit to the size file you can analyze!

This comes with some caveats. Analysis tools are still capped at what can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. To run some tools and filters against larger files, your hardware will need to be powerful enough.

We have created a few hardware profiles and expected file-size support based on them. Please get in touch with support to learn more about specific tuning you can perform.

CloudShark Enterprise customers should contact us after upgrading to discuss how to tune their server for their specific number of users.

Upgrade Instructions

If you are running CloudShark 2.1 or older you must run the following command to upgrade:

su -
bash <(curl

New Features and Highlights

Faster Everything

Upgrading our server-side components has sped up pretty much every part of CloudShark. On identical hardware, you can see typically 2x faster response times for some pages.

A few specific instances where improvements will be noticeable include:

  • Opening a capture file
  • Follow-Stream on large streams
  • Multiple concurrent file uploads
  • And so much more…

Configurable maximum file-size

CloudShark by default will now accept files up to 2 GB in size. Captures can be opened, filtered, analyzed and there are no more restrictions on viewing files based on file size. The local CloudShark Administrator can configure the maximum allowed size from the Settings page anywhere from 1 MB to 4 GB.

User account and tag separation

CloudShark for multi-tenant environments has been improved. When capture files are made public by one user, the Admin can decide if all the rest of the users on that same system should see public files shared by other users. In some cases this is helpful, however if your users should not know about each other, this option should be enabled on the Admin’s Settings page.

This also applies to tags. A user will only see tags auto-completed that have been applied to captures they have access to. Individual users who do not share captures will not see each other’s tags in the filter box on the main capture index.

Improved graphs and new JPG export

CloudShark 2.2 has updated the graphing tool with a new default style, faster performance, and a new rendering engine on the server that can deliver PDF, SVG, PNG, and now JPG.

Updated TShark to 1.10.7

CloudShark 2.2 delivers tshark 1.10.7 behind the scenes, bringing bug fixes and updated protocol support for ANSI A, DVB-CI, GSM DTAP, GSM MAP, IEEE 802.11, LCSAP, LTE RRC, MAC LTE, Prism, RTP, SDP, SIP, and TCP

Read the official Wireshark release notes

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed an issue where guest access was not working for some Solo customers.
  • SIP-TLS traffic that had been decrypted now appears in the VoIP calls analysis tool.
  • Switched to PhantomJS for rendering graphs on the server-side.
  • Upgraded to Ruby 2.1.2 for improved performance and memory usage.

Maintenance release 1: CloudShark 2.2 build 2151 June 25th, 2014

  • Fixed an issue in Follow SSL Stream which was not working properly due to a incorrect protocol filter
  • Improved logging and verbosity of the cloudshark-admin command

Maintenance release 2: CloudShark 2.2 build 2168 July 7th, 2014

Protocol Conversation Filters

The Protocol Conversations window will now respond when clicking on eth, ip, and ipv6 conversations by applying a display filter for that traffic to the capture file. UDP and TCP conversations will continue to bring up the Follow-Stream dialog box. If you would like to filter those conversations, that option has always been available from within Follow Stream.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed an issue when trying to Follow a UDP stream that was over IPv6. These now behave as expected.

Maintenance release 3: CloudShark 2.2 build 2176 July 11th, 2014

  • Fixed an issue downloading the audio from an RTP conversation that was over IPv6.
  • Fixed an issue using the HTTP analysis tool when the capture contains HTTP requests with a blank Host header.

Maintenance release 4: CloudShark 2.2 build 2201 August 15th, 2014


The online and offline installation processes have been improved behind the scenes. We have also improved our logging and diagnostics information collecting to assist our support team.

Updated TShark 10 1.10.9

This release delivers tshark 1.10.9 which includes bug and vulnerability fixes.

Read the official Wireshark release notes

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed an issue where the autoimporter would occasionally restart when it did not need to.
  • Fixed an issue when reporting the current maximum size capture file that can be uploaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the api to work around files deleted from the filesystem.