CloudShark 2.4.0

Release History

Release Type  Release Number  Release Date 
Original  CloudShark 2.4.2630 January 26th, 2015 

CloudShark 2.4.2630 January 26th, 2015

Happy New Year!

CloudShark 2.4 is here, and brings in the new year with support for running on CentOS 7! We’ve also added secure delete to give even more protection to the capture data stored on your system, a better monitoring target for your sysadmins, and upgraded to the latest tshark 1.12.3 while we were at it.

Thanks, and enjoy!

— The CloudShark Team

New Features and Highlights

CentOS & RHEL 7

CloudShark now supports installing on version 7 of CentOS Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Fresh installations of CloudShark will work on these new operating systems!

HTTPS Support

CloudShark now defaults to running on both port 443 (HTTPS) and port 80. We have shipped a self-signed certificate that will be used by default. To learn more about setting up HTTPS access, and using your own certificates, please refer to: Enabling HTTPS on a CloudShark Appliance.

Secure Delete

For situations where ensuring capture files are completely removed once they are no longer needed, CloudShark 2.4 introduces a “secure delete” feature to make deleted files unrecoverable after they have been deleted.

We strongly recommend you read more about the implementation and caveats associated with this feature on our secure delete documentation page.

Monitoring Target

CloudShark 2.4 introduces an endpoint for monitoring tools to use to check the status of the application. Visiting /monitor on the CloudShark appliance will return a simple “OK” if the service is running. Anything other than “OK” indicates a problem.

Annotations Page

For people who make heavy use of comments and annotations, this release has added a stand-alone page that you can link to for just that information. Visit /captures/[capture_id]/annotations to read individual packet annotations and file comments. This page will properly format and display Markdown formatted content.

Updated Protocol Support

CloudShark 2.4 includes Wireshark 1.12.3. This version of Wireshark provides several bug fixes and updates protocol support for multiple protocols.

Read the official Wireshark release notes.

Upgrade Instructions

Read the upgrade instructions for information on obtaining the latest version of CloudShark.