CloudShark 2.6.0

Release Type  Release Number  Release date 
Original  CloudShark 2.6.0 August 3, 2015 
Maintenance Release #1  CloudShark 2.6.1 August 14, 2015 

CloudShark 2.6.0 August 3rd, 2015

Happy Summer!

There’s been a lot of new things coming from the CloudShark team recently. A lot of it driven by customer requests and feedback. So if you have a great idea for what you want CloudShark to do, let us know!

You may immediately notice the new version number scheme. 2.6.0. We are switching to semantic versioning which is just a nice way of letting you know that we won’t break any APIs or move any features around while we’re in particular version. Rest easy knowing that next upgrade isn’t going to break anything.

In other big news, we have AutoDelete for capture files that have been on the system for a particular amount of time, new OAuth (Google for Work anyone?) external authentication, some fancy new user-quotas for keeping tabs on those frequent uploaders, and a whole new way to set default values for users who haven’t been created yet!

All that and more. Read on.

— The CloudShark Team

New Features and Highlights


If you’re worried about running out of disk space or have a specific policy where capture files can only be stored for so long you can now setup an Auto Delete policy to remove captures after a set amount of time. Some captures might be particularly interesting so if you have some that you want to keep around longer you can disable this on specific capture files.


Using OAuth takes some of the burden off of the administrator by allowing users to login with their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. CloudShark admins using OAuth for user authentication will never have to reset another users forgotten password again!

User Quotas

CloudShark users can now be assigned quotas by the administrator. This can limit the amount of disk space a user is allowed to use for their uploads. The number of individual captures that a user can upload can also be limited or a combination of disk space and number of uploads.

User Defaults

If you are using our new OAuth or other External Authentication method to create users, or just want to save a couple of clicks, now users can have default settings applied on creation. This can put users in default groups, set their default sharing settings, and more.

Auto-Provision API Tokens

When creating a user an API token can now be automatically created along with the user. This simplifies the user creation process and now each user can have their own API token to use.

User-Viewable API Tokens

Users who have API tokens assigned to them can now view them by visiting Preferences -> API Tokens. CloudShark administrators can enable this on the Settings page of the Administrator Menu.

Updated Protocol Support

CloudShark 2.6.0 includes Wireshark 1.12.6. This version of Wireshark provides several bug fixes and updates protocol support for multiple protocols.

Read the official Wireshark release notes.

Upgrade Instructions

Read the upgrade instructions for information on obtaining the latest version of CloudShark.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Improve page loading with multiple bandwidth (sparkline) graphs
  • Increased username length from 50 to 255 characters
  • Increase group name length from 50 to 255 characters
  • Fix crash when loading capture files without a duration
  • Begin storing SHA1 hash along with capture file metadata
  • Move location of improperly created phantomjs library from earlier version
  • Improved SAML 2.0 debugging and external group support

CloudShark 2.6.1 August 14th, 2015

Search by SHA1

CloudShark now will store and index the SHA1 for each uploaded capture file. The archive can be searched by this value either through the web interface or through the Search API.

SHA1 checksums have been saved on new uploads starting with CloudShark 2.6.0. If you need to record SHA1’s from captures uploaded prior to 2.6, please see our knowledge base article.

Maximum file-size quotas

Continuing to augment the user management features in CloudShark, it is now possible to specify a maximum-file-size for new uploads per user. This lets you limit certain accounts to smaller uploads if desired.

Improved tag search UI

For indexes that are using more than 10 tags, the search tool will now autocomplete as you type. This cleans up the lengthy section of checkboxes that had been shown prior to CloudShark 2.6.1.

Tag matching options

Tag searches can now either be specified as “Match All” or “Match Any”. With the ALL option, a given capture file must have all the tags specified to be returned. This was the only behavior prior to CloudShark 2.6.1. The ANY option returns any files with at least one of the specified tags.

The new tag matching options are available via the API as well.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Resolve permissions error with the WiFi decryption tool when not logged in
  • Fix issue preventing correct quotas from being applied for new accounts