CloudShark 2.7.0

Release Type  Release Number  Release Date 
Original  CloudShark 2.7 November 5th, 2015 
Maintenance Release #1     

CloudShark 2.7 November 5th, 2015

Hello CloudShark Fans!

CloudShark 2.7 is here and brings with it a brand new way to visualize and inspect your trace files. We call them “Ladder Diagrams.” These give you a different way to look at your capture files; whether your debugging a protocol issue between two hosts, or looking at the interaction between all the different nodes on your network.

Hope you enjoy!

— The CloudShark Team

New Features and Highlights

Ladder View

Our newest analysis tool brings a new way to follow along with your trace files. Taking the approach we used with the SIP Flow tool, CloudShark is now able to display any packets in a similar style. This is incredibly useful for inspecting individual conversations, debugging a protocol issue, or getting a general look at which endpoints are talking to each other.

Read all about the new Ladder diagrams.

First-Login Redirect

We found its sometime helpful to send new CloudShark users to a tutorial or guide that gets them started. CloudShark 2.7 now provides this as an option to redirect a person after their first log-in to the appliance.

Set the URL on the User Defaults page.

Updated Protocol Support

CloudShark 2.7 also brings along Wireshark 1.12.8. This version of Wireshark provides bug fixes, updated protocol support, and additional improvements to existing dissectors.

Read the official Wireshark release notes.

Upgrade Instructions

Read the upgrade instructions for information on obtaining the latest version of CloudShark.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Speed up loading the info dialog for individual capture files
  • View API will apply the correct default permissions
  • Open API call works with some escaped characters
  • Fix counting issue when searching by Annotation
  • Include the latest GeoIP databases from MaxMind
  • Fix problem loading Follow Stream in certain situations