CloudShark 3.7.0

We’ve completely revamped how to work with profiles in CS Enterprise 3.7. Upgrade today and experience a new way to collaborate across users, groups, and departments.

New Features

Saved Analysis Profiles

3.7.0 introduces the ability to save and manage analysis profiles across multiple capture files. You can find the new page under “Preferences” → “Profiles”. Here you can create profiles, choose a default for all your uploads, share profiles with your groups, and even create system-wide profiles that are available to every user on your system.

Profiles can be saved and used on multiple capture files. If you update an existing profile, any captures that are using that profile will be updated to reflect the changes. A session profile may be applied to an individual capture file as a one-off.

You can read more about the Profiles feature on our support page or in our release announcement.

New Profile Switcher

The profile button in the capture view has been redesigned to allow you to switch between any of the saved profiles available to you on the system. Additionally, you can jump to either the profile editor or index from within the switcher.

API Profile Preference

API Tokens can now have a profile associated with them. Any new captures uploaded via that token will automatically have the profile of your choice.

Updated Internals

  • Wireshark has been updated to version 2.6.11.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed a font spacing issue in the ASCII decode pane of the packet view
  • Alt+Click in Firefox will now expand the parent decode-tree element
  • Expanded protocol decode-tree items will persist when switching packets
  • Prevent certain configuration directories under shared/config/ssl from being overwritten at install time
  • Resolved issue trying to save an empty annotation
  • Restored the ability to embed individual packets inside an IFRAME
  • Pinned index-filter fields can be saved again
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Profile Upgrade script from working on CentOS 6 systems (see below).
  • Improved repository validation

Action Required!

Upgrade your profiles if you are upgrading from < 3.6.0

Beginning in CS Enterprise 3.6.0, the Profile Editor uses a new format to store profiles on disk. If you are upgrading from a version prior to CS Enterprise 3.6.0 and would like to migrate your existing capture settings to the new format, you must run an additional command after upgrading to 3.7.0.

Read the Upgrade Instructions from the 3.6.0 release notes.