CloudShark 3.7.3

Save your favorite and frequently used display filters in CloudShark so you can quickly apply them to new capture files.

Please read our in-depth article for a look at how this new feature will drastically improve the workflows of you and your team.

What’s new?

Saved Display Filter Menu

CloudShark now has the ability to save favorite and frequently used display filters as part of an Analysis Profile, and stores those filters in the new “Filters” menu in the packet view.

This menu lives to the right of the display filter box, and entries can be created, edited, and rearranged as part of the profile editor.

Imported Filters

If you are importing a profile from Wireshark, CloudShark will read-in any display filter buttons you have defined. Filter bookmarks are not supported.

Updated Internals

Wireshark has been updated to version 2.6.13

Important information about CentOS/RHEL 6.x

If you are currently running CS Enterprise on CentOS 6.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, be aware that future versions of CloudShark will no longer be made available for these operating systems.

Our world-famous technical support team is available to assist you in your migration from 6.x to 7.x of either CentOS or RHEL.

The 7.x version will continue to be supported, and we will be adding support for 8.x in the first half of 2020.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Avoids a potential XSS in the Profile name field
  • Improve alignment of the display filter box in Firefox
  • Ignore ‘capture’ preferences when importing a Wireshark profile