CloudShark 3.7.4

CS Enterprise 3.7.4 is a minor maintenance release to address a few bugs that have popped up around logins, OAuth, and environment variables.

Bug fixes and other changes

Clicking the Login button

There was a change in the Chrome browser that started affecting the way our login button was working. When a user would click on the Login button, it would change to say “Please wait…” but never actually send the login request. Pressing RETURN on the form worked as expected, and Firefox was not affected.

Google OAuth redirecting to the Android/ChromeOS account page

A parameter in our Google OAuth config is causing ChromeOS and some versions of Android to redirect the user to the system account page rather than logging them in via the Google Account picker within the browser.

This has been resolved for CS Personal customers.

If you are a CS Enterprise customer using Google OAuth to authenticate your users on Chromebooks, we would like to ask you a couple questions to help understand this issue more.

Missing environment variables when fetching PCAPs via Curl

A customization that allowed the back-end curl program to know which CS Enterprise user was requesting a PCAP download stopped working during a previous release. This is fixed, and curl with once again run with env[CLOUDSHARK_USER] set correctly.

If you are working with a custom Curl config please let us know if this affects you.