CloudShark 3.8.2

CloudShark 3.8.2 delivers a couple of recently requested usability features that were too good not to ship right away!

We all work with PCAPs every day, and some workflows operate across multiple PCAPs together at the same time. This can be used to trace traffic on both sides of a firewall, on a client and server at the same time, or at different points in the network pathways.

We received the following two feature requests recently, both of which were easy to implement, and will make a nice difference when using CloudShark.

We always love getting feature requests, especially ones that make your life easier. Please send your ideas!

Usability Improvements

Open Multiple Captures in Tabs

CloudShark has the ability to open a capture from the main index in a new tab with a Command + Click on each entry. However, opening multiple captures at the same time, each in its own tab, was more complicated.

The new “Open Tab” button in the toolbar gives you the ability to open any of the selected captures in their own tab, at the same time. This works for a single PCAP or multiples.

Modern browsers are very good about blocking popup windows. You will probably need to add an exception to allow CloudShark to open multiple new tabs. Please refer to your browsers documentation on how to do that.

Tab/Window title shows the file name first

Now that multiple tabs are open to different capture files, it made sense to put the capture file name at the front of the tab, so you can tell the tabs apart in your browser.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • No other changes