What should you test in Wifi mesh enabled routers?

Of all of the things about broadband service that is most keenly felt by the end user, it’s the quality of their Wifi networks. Wifi is unique in that it is a complex networking system that users are aware of, and make purchasing decisions for consumer electronics and for broadband service around it. Realizing this, many companies are building Wifi products that specifically target the consumer rather than relying on the provider to deploy Wifi service, using Wifi mesh technology to deploy quality, reliable Wifi throughout the user’s home or business. Read more...

What NAT ALGs does CDRouter test?

CDRouter includes test cases for the following NAT ALGs: FTP DNS ICMP H.323 (outbound and inbound) MSN Messenger RTSP SIP IPSEC (IKE and IPSEC ESP) PPTP CDRouter also runs several applications through the device under test that do not require a full NAT ALG. These include: HTTP HTTPS SMTP POP3 TFTP

Storage name resolution methods and protocol caveats

Several methods to resolve storage service hosts CDRouter Storage allows a test engineer to execute various storage protocol tests against a storage-enabled device. In order for CDRouter to know the IP address of the storage service to be tested, it must either be told with an explicit IP address, or be given a DNS or NetBIOS name, or discover it using multicast DNS (disabled by default, with instructions to enable it included below). Read more...