Cloudflare's DNS service and the effect on broadband gateways

4 min read

In the world of the Internet, it’s vitally important that technologies keep evolving. Change is a rule of all technology, even if it comes slowly to fundamental systems like DNS (Domain Name Service). The company Cloudflare is an infrastructure provider for web applications and networks that has solutions for performance, security, and reliability - including DNS. In April of 2018, Cloudflare launched a new publicly facing DNS resolver at 1. Keep reading


Storage name resolution methods and protocol caveats

3 min read

Several methods to resolve storage service hosts CDRouter Storage allows a test engineer to execute various storage protocol tests against a storage-enabled device. In order for CDRouter to know the IP address of the storage service to be tested, it must either be told with an explicit IP address, or be given a DNS or NetBIOS name, or discover it using multicast DNS (disabled by default, with instructions to enable it included below). Keep reading