A fully automated test solution that guarantees a high quality end-user experience

Discover a fully automated, easy-to-use test solution that improves feature and protocol interoperability of smart home products.

Passport emulates a real home network, enabling repeatable and reliable testing that ensures IoT devices behave as intended before they are deployed.

Key Features / benefits

Expert Test Coverage

With hundreds of test cases that work right out of the box and clear pass/fail results, PassPort takes the complexity out of evaluating the connectivity, stability, and interoperability of IoT solutions.

Time Saving Automation

PassPort’s fully automated test platform streamlines your process at every stage of development, eliminates human error, and ensures you are running the same tests and configurations every time.

World-Class Support

Our support team is dedicated to helping you build better products. With decades of experience in computer networking fields and application development, we have a deep knowledge of industry standards and protocol behavior.

Key Features

Simulates an ISP home gateway and LAN environments
• Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and ax connections
• Test IPv4, IPv6, DNS, DHCP, and more
• Easily incorporates power-cycle and reboot testing
• Stays connected to cloud services during testing
• Results include engineering-level logs and full packet captures

QAC 167 Web Diagram F C PassPort 0.2
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