How do you test TR-069 enabled devices?

Published: Jun 22, 2017
Tags: security TR-069 Wifi

Are you developing a device or deployment that uses the CPE WAN Management Protocol (TR-069), like managed Wifi or other services? When testing TR-069, what should you test for? What are the benefits of automating it with a dedicated test platform? What are the benefits of getting certified or asking your vendors to certify?

Join the QA Cafe team as we show you:

  • The different parts of TR-069 and what can and should be tested.
  • The advantages of using an automated, simulated ACS rather than a deployment grade ACS in testing.
  • The benefits of pre-certification testing and using CDRouter’s industry standard test suites for TR-069.

This webinar is for users who may be new to CDRouter or are thinking about automating their TR-069 testing.