CDRouter release 11.0 - User Services Platform (USP) add-on, IPv6 VPN tunnels, custom SNMP tests, and more

Tags: IPv6 TR-069 USP TR-369

CDRouter 11.0 is now available!

In this release we’re happy to announce the release of our new add-on for testing the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP). That plus some major updates for handling Wi-Fi APs and IPv6 VPNs makes this a major release for CDRouter.

About the User Services Platform

The USP add-on is a major milestone for CDRouter, as our team has been deeply involved in development of the protocol and its test cases. We'll also be adding some in-depth training resources for USP as we have for TR-069.

If you want to know more about USP you can read an overview of the protocol and its differences and synergy with TR-069.

Announcing the USP test add-on

CDRouter users can now upgrade their systems to include the USP add-on. USP (published in TR-369) is a new protocol from the Broadband Forum that represents an evolution of TR-069 to help consumer networking vendors and service providers manage, deploy, and control the increasingly complex connected home.

Read our full press release on the add-on, developed with early testing help from ARRIS, to learn more.

IPv6 IPSec “site-to-site” tunnels

Enterprise and high-end gateways making heavy use of VPNs can make use the new IPv6 test cases in 11.0 to verify the behavior of their device under test in the presence of a mix of both IPv4 and IPv6 IPSec-based VPN tunnels simulated on the WAN. All of this is included in the CDRouter IPv6 add-on.

Expanded SNMP scenarios

CDRouter’s SNMP scenarios are a quick and easy way to build your own test cases for your devices that are managed with the Simple Network Management Protocol, whether enterprise gateways or DOCSIS eRouters/cable modems. CDRouter 11.0 adds support for the SNMPWalk command and more flexible “expect” capability when building your scenario test cases in the SNMP add-on.

All of this, plus support for the TR-069 Device:2.12 data model, makes this a valuable release for our CDRouter customers. You can read the full release notes for all the details.