DOCSIS Cable Modem and eRouter Testing in CDRouter


Simulate and automate an entire DOCSIS environment
to test your eRouter or CM

The most straightforward way to test both Cable Modems and eRouters in the same test setup is with the CDRouter DOCSIS add-on. This allows CDRouter to directly simulate the DOCSIS provisioning steps, including:

  • Assignment of a management IP to the Cable Modem via DHCP
  • Assignment of a routing IP to the eRouter via DHCP
  • Transmission of custom DOCSIS configuration files via TFTP, which can be created as part of CDRouter’s test configuration.
  • Simulation of Time of Day, DNS, and other necessary services
  • Configuration of TR-069 and/or SNMP services

Note: CDRouter DOCSIS still requires the use of a CMTS, best configured in bridge mode.