Time-saving automation, comprehensive test coverage,
and world-class support.

“Being able to automate our functional and performance testing freed up the team to work on other feature developments - the stuff that’s really important to our brand and our customers.” - eero

CDRouter is a complete test automation platform that improves your test output and workflow significantly.

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Deliver products, validate patches, and deploy services ten times faster with fewer resources

How much time does your team spend running manual tests?

Manual testing is a tedious, intensive process, prone to mistakes and wasted time. Almost everyone reaches out to us first because they are looking to save time and resources. Moving engineers from running repetitive tests to focusing on more productive endeavors is usually the easiest place to see dollars saved.

Can you guarantee the repeatability of your test process?

With manual testing it is difficult (if not impossible) to ensure repeatability from one test run to the next. This is particularly important when doing regression testing on firmware revisions, when isolating and controlling variables is a necessity.

How much time is spent building test networks?

Building a lab-grade broadband environment requires a lot of systems and moving parts. Many protocols are not well understood and are intensive to set up.

How long does it take to validate new releases?

Bugs are found every day, even on fully deployed devices. New features are added at the demand of your customers. How much time does it take to run comprehensive validations/regressions before committing the changes to your production code base?

How easy is it to debug issues and demonstrate results?

Most organizations have layers of practices that have built up over time - documents and spreadsheets, email threads, or physical notes. Things get lost and it is difficult to show results to your management or customers.

Do your QA teams follow the same testing practices as your customers or vendors?

It's difficult to get standard operating procedures adopted by different QA teams, particularly when they are separated by time, language, and culture. Moreover, it's easier to validate and deliver on services when both customer and client are using the same test system.

CDRouter is feature, performance, and scalability testing
all in one platform.

CDRouter contains thousands of test cases developed by industry experts covering ISP requirements, performance and scalability metrics, and end-user applicaitons.

“Honestly, we’d need a huge team of (expensive) experts to cover all the knowledge that is covered by all the test cases present in CDRouter.”
- Ping Communications

A world-class support team that knows networking, testing, and automation, better than anyone

With a system that is 100% automated, with thousands of test cases, our unlimited support will help you get the most out of it.

Our support team doesn't just help you use CDRouter - we help you build better products. Our crew has decades of experience in the broadband and computer networking fields, and a deep knowledge of industry standards and protocol behavior.

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