The industry standard in feature, scaling, and performance testing for broadband and enterprise edge gateways, Wi-Fi APs and mesh systems, VoIP gateways, set-top-boxes, and smart hubs enabling the Internet of Things.
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Latest Release

CDRouter 11.2 includes improved Wi-Fi support,
ICS packet capture, L2GRE, and more.

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What is MAP-E and how do you test it?
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CDRouter helps you build and deploy
better broadband and connected devices


  • Run testing 24/7 from anywhere right in your browser
  • Tag, search, export and organize results, logs, and captures
  • Give control to individual test engineers and groups
  • Integrate easily with existing test tools


  • Thousands of expertly developed, industry standard test cases, with a scriptable framework to build your own
  • Coverage for routing, scaling, performance, TR-069/USP, IPv6, security, and more.
  • Test hundreds of features and applications all in one platform


  • Dramatically reduce test time and time to market
  • Prove that you pass - generate reports for your management and customers
  • Repeatable, verifiable results from one firmware to the next
  • Support that helps you build better products

Simulate a complete broadband home or business network

  • High-performance hardware with the latest wired and wireless test interfaces wraps around your existing test setup.
  • Simulates WAN connections including , PPPoE, PPPoA, DHCPv4/v6, PPTP, L2TP, Static IPv4/v6, 6to4, 6rd, DS-Lite, 802.1x Access Controlled, and Wireless WAN
  • Simulates LAN hosts including multiple 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi clients, IPv4 or IPv6 hosts, user applications like UPnP and Xbox live, and IoT/smart devices
  • Simulates network services such as DNS, NTP, HTTP, TR-069 ACS, USP Controllers, RADIUS servers, and more
  • Simulates security probing using nmap
  • Test setups for cloud-enabled devices or DOCSIS systems

CDRouter is the industry standard in broadband and consumer network device testing

You're in good company with CDRouter

We work with the world’s leading service providers, equipment manufacturers, chipset developers, OEMs, and software vendors.

Our end goal is to help our customers deliver best-of-breed products and improve the broadband and connected device experience for everyone.

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World class service and support

Our team is made of leading network industry experts and engineers, working to help you understand the standards and improve your products.

"Comparing QA Cafe CDRouter support to other support departments … I can honestly say that QA Cafe performs the best." - Technicolor

"They know their product by heart, and every question – no matter what – is answered with great detail and background knowledge." -NetCologne

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How does the evaluation work?

The CDRouter evaluation is a fully functional version of CDRouter with a number of example test cases. The demo also has support for TR-069, IPv6, Storage, NMap, SNMP, and more.

Your evaluation of CDRouter can be installed on your own hardware. Otherwise, installation is easy and you'll be performing automated, time saving testing in no time.

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