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QA Cafe develops industry-leading network device test solutions and network analysis tools that simplify complex quality assurance processes and provide reliable and actionable results.

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Test and Analysis SolutionsDevelop and deploy networks and products of quality

qa | CDRouter
Network Gateway Testing

qa | CDRouter

Accelerate the development and deployment of networking products with a comprehensive and fully automated testing solution that delivers the industry standard in feature, security, and performance testing.

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qa | PassPort
Network Endpoint Testing

qa | PassPort

Take your IoT and Smart Home devices to market faster and with greater confidence with PassPort, a fully automated test solution that emulates home networks for testing device functionality and connectivity.

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qa | CloudShark

qa | CloudShark

CloudShark saves network and security teams valuable support time with a secure solution for organizing, analyzing and collaborating with packet captures.

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Our products have enabled businesses to make billions of device and network connections with confidence. QA Cafe is setting the global standard for device testing and network analysis solutions, backed by a world-class support team.

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Connecting the dots


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