Solve network problems faster with a complete collaboration solution that drastically improves results

CloudShark delivers secure storage, organization, user and group access control, and elegant, powerful analysis tools all through a web interface that enables packet analysis from any device.

Browser-based solution, available on any device

Browser-based solution, available on any device

Self-deployed on-premise or in the cloud under your own administrative control, enabling your team to share PCAP analysis with a single URL.

Secure & centralized<br />
PCAP database

Secure & centralized
PCAP database

CloudShark provides a secure, centralized PCAP database complete with indexing, DeepSearch, and authenticated user management.

Powerful APIs that enable seamless integration

Powerful APIs that enable seamless integration

CloudShark integrates into your enterprise workflow by connecting to or using existing infrastructure. Built on top of standard Linux services, you can secure and configure your environment however you would like.

Advanced analysis tools<br />
beyond packet capture

Advanced analysis tools
beyond packet capture

Solve network problems faster with built-in advanced analysis tools including Zeek Logs, DeepSearch, Packet Annotations and Protocol ladders.

Store and organize trace files in one location

Store and organize trace files in one location

CloudShark is an organizational tool that enables you to store and organize trace files, creating a history of your packet capture resources that is searchable and secure.

More than just a<br />
remote WireShark

More than just a
remote WireShark

CloudShark enables you to solve problems faster by eliminating duplicate work and streamlining investigations and reporting. Any experience with WireShark is directly transferable so ramp-up with CloudShark takes no time at all.

A platform made for teams solving networks problemsA secure solution to organize, share and analyze packet captures

More than just a remote Wireshark, CloudShark eliminates duplicate work and streamlines investigations and reporting.

A secure solution to organize, share and analyze packet captures

CloudShark provides a single location in your network to store and organize important trace files


It's easy to drag and drop capture files right into CloudShark by using your browser, but the real power comes from integrating the upload API into other tools anywhere in your network.


Tagging is central to organization in CloudShark. Label captures with anything that makes sense to you, whether it's location information, bug ticket numbers, or who's responsible.


Find important capture files quickly and easily by filtering on tags, size, timestamps, or by searching individual packets by display-filter.


Build profiles to analyze specific problems and help experts and entry level technicians share knowledge and work together.


Do deep packet analysis, share your results, all without having to leave your web browser.


CloudShark supports all of the display filters that you know from Wireshark and helps you type them through autocomplete. Every analysis tool can generate a new filter with a single click.


All your analysis is saved and can be shared with a URL. Instead of reproducing analysis steps each time someone opens a file, or emailing people screenshots, link directly to it for them to see.


As you do analysis, save your thoughts and notes directly on the packets as you come across them. When you or someone else comes back to the file, the annotations will be there waiting.


Advanced analysis tools bring you answers beyond just looking at packets.


See important statistics and access advanced analytics that leverage the industry standard Zeek network analysis tool. Get a high-level view of your traffic, and pivot back to the packets when you need them.


Trace the flow of information across a single protocol or view how multiple protocols work together when troubleshooting a networking issue.


Upload session keys and certificates right to CloudShark to enable analysts to decrypt the traffic and see what's inside each packet.


CloudShark has specific tools for VoIP analysis and RTP playback, including support for G.729 audio.


Look at your DNS traffic to find slow or rogue servers, unexpected queries, misconfigurations, and other issues.


If you are exploring malware traffic, viruses, or other kinds of attacks, get to the bottom of an issue with the CloudShark Assessment extension.


Protect your network with CloudShark Threat Assessment Detect and analyze malware traffic in your network captures

Cyber attacks today are bigger, faster, and happening more frequently than ever. Intrusion detection alerts are only the beginning of the story. You need to see the individual packet data to determine the root cause and protect your network.

CloudShark Threat Assessment is an expansion analysis tool that takes you from an IDS alert and brings you right to the packets that triggered it. Once you upload a PCAP file, you can choose Threat Assessment from the Analysis Tools menu to get a high-level summary in seconds. And, because it's built right into CloudShark, every view can be shared with your team simply by copy and pasting the URL.

External Authentication

CloudShark works with your existing network directory services such as LDAP or Active Directory, making it easy to manage users and groups.

Expanded User Pack

Have a sizable team or customer base? CloudShark licenses are priced in units of 25, 50, 100 users or something custom for your team.

Advanced analysis tools for every use caseSolve network problems without leaving your web browser

CloudShark includes advanced analysis tools that improve your team's ability to secure the network with faster issue resolution, response times and to stay ahead of future attacks.

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Our case studies usually focus on end-users of CloudShark, but our recent integration with Beeks Financial Cloud was a great opportunity to show just how easy it is to work with us here and incorporate CloudShark into your products to get the most out of working with captures.


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