Cutting Through Network Forensic Data With Zeek

1 min read

Zeek (formerly Bro) is a powerful tool trusted by networking and cybersecurity experts for analyzing network traffic. By creating collated, organized records of network activity (called “logs”), Zeek gives the network analyst a new approach when dissecting and investigating traffic.

CloudShark includes a powerful analysis tool to create Zeek logs from your packet captures. Through this summary view, you can find what you need, instantly pivot to the packets, and solve problems faster.

Watch Tom and Zach above in their special training session covering:

  • An overview of Zeek and how it’s used
  • How Zeek logs make a great starting point for analysis
  • How and when to pivot between Zeek logs and packet captures
  • How to share and collaborate with Zeek logs across teams

Adding Zeek to CloudShark’s easy to use web-interface makes cybersecurity and network work easier than ever. Request a demo to learn more.

Photo credit Abby Savage via Unsplash

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