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Whatever your experience, CloudShark Personal enables you to share PCAPs with a larger audience or access them from anywhere in the world.
CloudShark Personal is an easy to use, SaaS account for sharing and analyzing PCAPs. It's built for any level of experience, from experts writing networking blogs, cybersecurity students and educators, individuals wrangling with IT, or those looking for an easy way to share problems in online forums.

Network analysis in the cloud, bring your packets with you, wherever you need to go

Analyze packets with your web browser

Using CloudShark means you don't need any software other than a web browser to do packet analysis! Open files quickly and safely on the web from any device – you can even do packet analysis on your iPad or ChromeBook!

Share PCAPs with only a URL

It's quick and easy to share PCAP files through your CloudShark Personal account. Mark a file as public and share it with whomever you want. Don't worry about VPN access or firewall rules. The packets stay on the CloudShark Personal cloud servers so downloading large files is never an issue.

Ask for Help on Forums

Stuck on a PCAP? Our friends at Ask Wireshark are some of the best analysts out there. Upload your problem PCAP to your account and post the link along with your question.

Communicate with your Audience

If you run a network training blog, or often find yourself needing to share PCAP tutorials with your readers, CloudShark Personal is the perfect place to upload and share PCAP data.

Advanced analysis tools for every use case

Solve networking problems without leaving your web-browser

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