CDRouter Base Test Cases

Thousands of test cases for broadband edge and Wi-Fi devices

As the industry standard test platform for broadband gateways, Wifi access points, VoIP gateways, set-top-boxes, and smart home hubs, CDRouter contains thousands of test cases, written by industry experts, covering performance, scaling, and functionality for hundreds of protocols, features, and applications to ensure you are building the most robust products imaginable.

Key Features

  • Simulation and testing of ISP WAN terminations like DHCP, PPPoE, PPPoA, PPTP, L2TP, and enterprise access control using 802.1x
  • Test cases for routing functions and applications like NAT, port mapping, RIP, multicast, ICMP forwarding and more
  • Simulates and verifies ISP network services like DNS, NTP, etc.
  • Test real-world application scalability and behavior like HTTP, UPnP, devices advertising over mDNS, and other protocols on both the LAN and WAN
  • Validate devices like set-top boxes with IGMP or VoIP devices that function as a SIP ALG
  • Test for known gateway security flaws and test firewall functionality

Explore the whole CDRouter Family

Our test architectures and test cases are broken into several products, that all expand what CDRouter can do. When learning about what you're developing and your test environment, we’ll find which add-ons work best for you.

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