CDRouter Multiport

Fully automated multi-service WAN and Wifi scalability testing

CDRouter Multiport gives you the power and flexibility to test multiple interfaces, whether on the WAN or the LAN. This makes it perfect for multi-service environments testing voice, video, and data together, or exercising the scalability of your Wifi access point.

Key Features

  • Allows all applicable CDRouter tests to be run in multiple port scenarios
  • Supports up to 64 unique WAN interfaces and 64 unique LAN interfaces
  • Combine wireless and wired scalability testing
  • Test TR-069 when over a separate management port
  • Test cases for WAN failover
  • RIPv1 and RIPv2 testing on multiple WAN interfaces
  • Forwarding verification covering multiple WAN ports and between multiple LAN ports
  • Inter-LAN traffic and Wireless/Wired interoperability testing
  • Test NAT with multiple WAN interfaces
  • Test separate IPv6 multicast and unicast interfaces with the IPv6 add-on

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