CDRouter Nmap

Fully automated security testing for connected devices

Internet security is a serious topic. It's a fact that today's hackers are targeting home gateways and connected devices for exploits. With automatic scanning across all WAN and LAN configurations, you can find out how your devices will appear on live networks scanned with nmap, a critical step for ensuring the security of home and business gateways, routers, and other devices.

Key Features

  • Support for TCP, UDP, and SCTP port scans, and OS detection
  • Scanning for both wired and wireless devices
  • Run security tests over both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Identify unsecured or exposed user interfaces on both WAN and LAN
  • Test common scanning techniques used by malicious attackers
  • TCP connect, Ack, Syn, Fin, and Null scans, XMAS scan tests
  • Test TCP PSH, URG, and Maimon, combination scans, as well as UDP and SCTP and OS detection scans.

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Our test architectures and test cases are broken into several products, that all expand what CDRouter can do. When learning about what you're developing and your test environment, we’ll find which add-ons work best for you.

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