CDRouter Performance

Are your devices up to speed?

CDRouter Performance combines the powerful and standardized functionality testing of CDRouter with the ability to run stateful, line-rate traffic through your device under test. This lets you prove that device functions don’t impact network performance, that QoS policies set up on the device perform properly, and that a device’s performance does not degrade over time.

Key Features

  • Isolate the root cause of performance issues faster and more easily
  • Create pass/fail criteria based on benchmark or QoS goals
  • Test throughput and latency on hundreds of combinations
  • Supports TCP and UDP, IPv4 and IPv6, wired and wireless, and VLANs
  • Discover functionality impacts on performance, and visa versa
  • Automate your performance and functionality testing all in a single tool

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Our test architectures and test cases are broken into several products, that all expand what CDRouter can do. When learning about what you're developing and your test environment, we’ll find which add-ons work best for you.

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