CDRouter USP

The official, fully-automated, BBF USP/TR-369 testing and certification tool

Built by experts deeply involved in USP, the CDRouter USP add-on is the official test platform for self-certifying USP Agents through the Broadband Forum's USP Agent Certification Program, fully automated and ready to use.

USP Add-On Key Features

  • Developed by experts in the User Services Platform (TR-369) and CWMP (TR-069)
  • Official test platform for USP Agent self-certification
  • Over 1500 additional test cases for security and data model validation
  • Scriptable USP controller with "scenarios" for simple custom tests
  • Support for all message transfer protocols (STOMP, CoAP, WebSockets, and MQTT)
  • Real-world validation testing for the TR-181 (Device:2) data model
  • Testing for WiFi APs, set-top-boxes, home gateways, smart gateways, and more
  • Full traces and decodes of all tests to make debugging easy

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