Announcing our new website and product lineup

January 07, 2019 • 2 min read

We’re happy to announce our move to! Our new site is built for both new and existing CloudShark customers to communicate every packet-busting benefit to networking and cybersecurity professionals across industries. It’s a new face, where we continue to provide valuable packet analysis articles, capture challenges, and more. It also sets the stage for some big improvements to CloudShark.

The new CloudShark lineup

Our new product lineup includes our flagship CS Enterprise plus add-ons, an integration devkit, and hosted accounts for personal use.

CS Enterprise

Introducing CS Enterprise - the powerful web-based packet capture analysis platform built to transform the way networking and cybersecurity teams work with packet captures. If you’re anyone from CIO to IT guru in security, healthcare, finance, managed services, government, or any enterprise, you’ll want to look at CS Enterprise.

CS Threat Assessment

Our premier add-on for CS Enterprise, CS Threat Assessment is our advanced visualization tool for analyzing IDS alerts - taking you directly to the packets. Built on the Suricata security rule set format, you can also add your own rules, view alert diagrams that show sources and targets, and geographical map sources of malicious traffic.

CS TraceFrame

TraceFrame is the new and innovative technology that powers CloudShark’s advanced web-based packet capture analysis features. If you’re a developer of enterprise solutions for network and analysis that uses packet captures, ask us about our TraceFrame devkit license to add the power of CloudShark to your own tools.

CS Personal SaaS

CS Personal SaaS is an easy to use, online account for individuals looking to share and analyze pcaps. It’s great for content creators, educators, students, and IT experts looking for help on forums or blogs. Users of will find their accounts and links to their packet captures here. New users can try it free for 30 days!

CloudShark news and articles

We write frequently about packet capture analysis topics - how to analyze network problems by going directly to the packets. You’ll find these informative pieces in the articles section of our site.

New releases, features, and integrations, plus our popular packet capture challenges, can be found in the news section of our site.

Getting support with CloudShark

You’ll find all of our support documentation at

We’re excited for the new things to come to CloudShark! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.