Case Studies

IOPSYS uses CDRouter to guarantee high-quality SDK for broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers

"We could fill the testing gap with developers and try to do it ourselves, but using CDRouter saves so much time and effort and is significantly cheaper." - Strhuan Blomquist, CTO at IOPSYS


The challenge: delivering a high-quality router SDK for operators and OEMs

 IOPSYS Software Solutions AB is a Swedish company taking the lead in bringing the open-source business model to broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers. They work closely with development teams at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of connected devices and the Operators that seek to deploy them.

“It’s our goal to create the most flexible and innovative software for broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers on the market.” said Strhuan Blomquist, Chief Technology Officer at IOPSYS. “Our IOPSYSWRT solution does that. By combining the best of the open-source community with carrier-grade requirements for gateways, we’ve created one of the most advanced, platform independent gateway software based on OpenWRT.”

“This new world requires leadership in open-source solutions and standards,” said Strhuan. “But the third pillar to the success of an SDK like ours is testing. Since we often don’t see the end product, our customers and partners want to know that IOPSYSWRT is robust, and they want to have a good baseline and complete process for testing their implementation of IOPSYSWRT. We wanted a solution that could automate this testing and provide useful, standardized results to share with our customers and integration partners.” 

The solution: utilize the industry standard solution for gateway testing 

“We use testing for a number of reasons,” said Strhuan. “When building an SDK, hidden flaws are unacceptable. Transparency becomes very important. So right at the start we want to demonstrate that IOPSYSWRT works, and works well, for our customers.”

“CDRouter is well known as the industry standard for testing broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers,” said Strhuan. “If you can prove a solution works with CDRouter, you can prove a lot. We could fill the testing gap with developers and try to do it ourselves, but using CDRouter saves so much time and effort and is significantly cheaper. It’s also used by lots of Operators, so there’s less convincing needed if they see the CDRouter results. This is especially true for complex management protocols like TR-069 or USP, for which CDRouter is the official test platform.”

“CDRouter also helps with coordinating testing with customers,” said Strhuan. “As an SDK with enterprise extensions, IOPSYSWRT can fulfill many different use cases for our customers. We give them a toolbox and a functional specification with the supported features they want, and we don’t always see the end product. With CDRouter, we can share the test results we have produced against ‘clean’ IOPSYSWRT and directly provide them with the CDRouter test packages and test configurations that we use. Then they can replicate the testing exactly and spot any differences that arise from their own development. This makes the test and development cycle very efficient when it’s being coordinated across multiple organizations and teams.”

The future is in the smart gateway, and testing can help

“We are focused on implementing the latest features into IOPSYSWRT,” said Strhuan. “The buzz right now is around containers and an app-enabled ‘smart gateway’. While we’ve always been advocates of this model (we’ve had an app-store for IOPSYSWRT for nearly 10 years), the hardware, memory, and operator resources are finally there to realize this.”

“Testing - particularly open, coordinated testing across different groups - is going to be a huge part of that,” said Strhuan. “Being fully automated, CDRouter lets us run constantly on nightly builds or milestone builds over the weekend. It’s a critical part of our test process. When we have the core of our solution verified, it lets us focus on these new technologies and forge IOPSYSWRT into a powerful, future proof solution for the industry.”