Using CloudShark in Your Coursework

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CloudShark is a web-based packet capture analysis platform built for collaboration. Your instructor is using a CS Personal SaaS account to host network packet captures and make it easy for you to work with them during this course. Watch our quick video to get started using CloudShark links that your instructor may have given you as part of your class:

Getting more help

  • If you need help with navigating CloudShark, please have a look at our user guides on our support site.
  • If you’re new to packet analysis in general, here’s a few of our favorite resources.

Exploring CloudShark further

Your instructor’s CloudShark account includes access to CS Threat Assessment, a powerful tool for analyzing security alerts found in network packet captures. Based on Suricata, the threat assessment tool lets you see all of the alerts flagged in a capture as well as the source and destination of the suspicious network traffic.

CS Personal SaaS is an easy to use, SaaS account for sharing and analyzing pcap files, built specifically for individuals tackling security problems, students, and educators. With your own CS Personal account, you can export a copy of your instructor’s captures, letting you change your columns and profile settings to suit your needs, or add annotations to the packets to facilitate your work and share with your instructor.

CS Personal is built off of CS Enterprise, a secure, modern, on-premises platform focused on packet capture analysis for network and security teams. You can explore CS Enterprise for your organization by requesting a demo.


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