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Introducing the NTA1000v7

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Dedicated performance, feature, and security testing for Wi-Fi 6 and ultrafast broadband devices

The NTA1000v7 is a high performance network appliance designed for CDRouter, the industry’s leading test solution for Wi-Fi devices and broadband CPE. The NTA1000 delivers CDRouter in a turn-key solution enabling immediate deployment of CDRouter in any test environment.

NTA1000v7 with 10G and Wi-Fi 6 support

The NTA1000v7 includes powerful key features:

  • Support for 802.11ax and 802.11ac wave 2
  • The ability to simulate up to 65 Wi-Fi clients
  • Up to 5gbps performance on optional 10G card for testing ultra-fast broadband CPE
  • Improved speed and hardware for higher quality performance and scalability testing
  • Full support for CDRouter 12.0 or later and all of CDRouter’s add ons.
  • Eligible for Free Hardware Replacements every 4 years

Which NTA1000v7 version is best for me?

QA Cafe offers two configurations of the NTA1000v7: the NTA1000v7-S and the NTA1000v7-10G. Both can be enhanced with the Wi-Fi virtualization option for CDRouter.


Ideal for Wi-Fi interoperability and feature testing

The S-model of the NTA1000v7 is ideal for Wi-Fi feature testing. With three Wi-Fi LAN cards, it supports Wi-Fi clients in a/b/g/n/ac, ac2, and ax. The S-Model offers the widest range of Wi-Fi chipset diversity for robust interoperability and the highest number of simultaneous client connections when paired with the virtualization option.


Ideal for high-throughput performance testing

The 10G-model of the NTA1000v7 is ideal for performance testing of high-end Wi-Fi and ultrafast broadband CPE. It includes a 10GBASE-T Ethernet card and supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ac2, and ax Wi-Fi clients for performance testing.

NTA1000v7 virtualization option

Ideal for Wi-Fi scalability and performance testing

The NTA-1000v7-S and NTA-1000v7-10G can be enhanced with the ability to simulate simultaneous, virtual Wi-Fi clients for scalability and performance testing. Maximize throughput testing with up to 65 clients (NTA-1000v7-S) to demonstrate and guarantee your products performance capabilities in today’s device-rich networks.

A high-performance, dedicated test appliance

Whatever products you are building or deploying, the NTA1000v7 is a must-have upgrade for any of our CDRouter users. Contact us to learn about your upgrade options for the industry standard in network device testing.

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